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OU Football: Over 75,000 Fans Attended a Fantastic Spring Game Experience!

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  1. Just got back to Tulsa from the game. Lines were packed

  2. I think OU will play Baylor in the big 12 championship game this year.

  3. The punter hit a 60+ yard punt. The stadium went wild. Stoops also got some good catches

  4. I sat right behind Jaren Kanak’s family. Pretty neat Had a good conversation with his grandfather. The Palace was packed. Yes, the defense shined!

  5. We also got a good backup in Micah Bowens too. He tossed a BOMB to Jayden Gibson today! Really fun atmosphere this afternoon! Boomer!

  6. Jayden Gibson can make a BIG impact this season if we can get him the ball. Man is gonna frustrate the HELL outta defensive coordinators.

  7. Good crisp football play for both sides of the ball. I am going to say this again, Micah Bowens is good enough to win, now. Needs to be developed. If they get past Nebraska and Texas; Baylor and Oklahoma State should not beat OU this year. Why not go undefeated? Where is the loss coming from? This offense was better than you think, remember we have a defensive-minded head coach who is extremely good at his job. This was a far better spring game than we ever had with Lincoln Riley. Furthermore, Brent Venables is never going to sell his team out like TBOW. Do not be afraid to hope big and dream bigger, it could happen. Boomer Sooner Baby

  8. As a longhorns fan i must say to have 75k fans show up for spring game just shows how badass their fan base is

  9. My girlfriend and I had a great time going there despite our broken air conditioner in the car. The game itself was super great. Leaving however was a different story. Somebody hit a kid with their truck right next to us because they tried to quickly cut around us while we were waiting for the cars in front of us to move down the line. We then had a train stop and almost cause us to miss going to a shop before we headed home very quickly to beat the tornado warnings that kept blowing up our phones. We managed to make the most of it, though, and now we're finally home and just hoping the kid from earlier is okay.

  10. Would love to attend the red River rivalry with you and a group! Boomer!

  11. Dude I was there! FREAKING AWESOME! The crowd was awesome! It was LOUD! There was 75,300+ they opened the gates up and let everyone in cause they was so backed up so there is no telling how many was actually in there! It was awesome!

  12. My first time ever going to an OU Football game and my first time inside of the Palace and it was breathtaking. Best stadium in the world, best fans in the world, and the best sports environment I’ve EVER experienced. I will definitely be budgeting to go to many more games over the years.

  13. It was an amazing in person experience. All the fans around me are ramped up

  14. The Boomer Sooner chant was the loudest I’ve ever heard and that was when only a few people were in the top sections

  15. Went to the game and snuck into the switzer center with all the trophies like a recruit it was cool.

  16. A lot of fans we’re heading to the East side (thinking they could take pictures with the Baker Statue) only to find out it was still covered up! The backlog of fans trying to get inside the two open gates on the East side was crazy! But totally worth it

  17. Riley was a coordinator , venebles is a coach , no more soft sooner teams 💯

  18. Venables is clearly getting the fan base ready for SEC football!

  19. Micah Bowens needs to be our 2nd string. He was quick on his feet and threw a 90 yard td.

  20. Upper deck was closed off when the game started so many people they opened it up

  21. Been a OU fan my entire life but for MY first college game type experience it was great! Offense looks GREAT seen LOTS of great things on both sides… defensively we have work to do in the secondary but the energy and passions makes them look so much better when the DB’s get burnt.. Nick Evers did not look that horrible btw..

  22. Mayfield's statue looks a lot better under natural light

  23. We went. Our youngest will be going in the spring. Tackling was such a welcomed sight! The defense looked great this early. Excited to see how good this offense can be. I think Bowens will be QB2 as it stands now. 75k+ in the stands and 99% were standing for Baker the entire time for his dedication at halftime. Great experience for our first trip to the palace.

  24. The fan base showed up because Oklahoma is a shitty state. What else are the fans going to do with their lives. You can thank UCF for everything you are going to be. Bring on the hate. LMFAO

  25. I felt like that transfer QB from Penn State looked decent. He threw some
    Long bombs

  26. How did 75k get in a stadium that doesn’t seat 75k? Maybe I’m wrong but that was a tiny stadium last I saw it.

  27. I think South Carolina hit around 30-35k and that was a lot for spring game. 75k is insane

  28. I was there and it was awesome. It was my first time on campus zinc I commissioned in the Army there in '09, and my first time in the stadium since that glorious Michael Crabtree led trash talking Texas Tech team we beat.
    The atmosphere was amazing, it BV made me so proud to be A Sooner. The pep talk he gave to the corner players on the 50 before the game had me hyped. Looking forward to the future.

  29. Did u see ESPN headline about USC drawing record crowd? 33,000 fans. Not a mention of OU's crowd. What a joke

  30. So nobody thinks we can get to the final four this year?

  31. Onikuno im getting season tickets and wanted to know if you wanted to come to OU texas

  32. You didn’t think Micah did ok? He had some good looks.

  33. Chokelahoma has no pro team so yeah ou still suxx

  34. A few family members and I went. It was crazy it just felt like a real game atmosphere the little amount of empty seats was crazy to see

  35. I was there!!!! what an incredible experience we had a bigger crowd than USC🤣🤣 BOOMER SOONER!!!!

  36. congrats sooner fan, you guys won the biggest spring football game attendance trophy.

  37. Bowens looked like he could be a solid back up. Threw some dimes, other than that I agree with your takes

  38. It was good to see the defense for once playing down hill flying to the football, wrapping up instead of Arm tackling.

  39. Brent is so impressive, I wish so bad he got the head job in 2017 instead of Riley. Riley is a massive douche and I’m so glad he’s gone.

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