Patriots vs. Falcons Week 11 Highlights | NFL 2021 -

Patriots vs. Falcons Week 11 Highlights | NFL 2021

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  1. Since that cowboys game the Pat's have looked like the Pat's of Old 🏈 so i have the Pat's vs cowboys making it to the Superbowl in a rematch

  2. If the Bills lose to Indy this Sunday, the Pats will be in 1st place in the division. What a swing.

  3. Man i'm a falcons fan but maaaan. This team really sucks

  4. Question. When was the last time a defense intercepted all 3 of its opponent's quarterbacks in the same game?

  5. Yo Mac jones might have throw that interception but he was also the guy that squared up the corner to stop him. He made that stop

  6. Offensive line sucks, quarterback slow af and sucks. They should’ve drafted a quarterback

  7. Always entertaining watching the Dirty-Birds lose 😆 LOL 👍 Even though, I don't care for the Pats much…. Should be interesting with the Bills in their division. 🏈

  8. Matt Ryan Needs to Be a Bronco or a contenders man’s still elite just on a very bad team.

  9. The two greatest mistakes in the nfl since I’ve been alive has to be paying Flacco after his team won a superbowl and paying Matt ryan at any time. Atlanta has had so many good teams in the passed but ryan has always been the weak link.
    You are now seeing the real Matt ryan, that same Matt ryan that has always been there, but now without Julio.

  10. With the colts wining today we now sit at the top of the east division

  11. Falcons have never recovered from choke in the Super Bowl.

  12. patriots and falcons my 2 favorite teams patriots with lead tho 0-0 can't wait to see next game by them

  13. Wow, the Pats looked good on Thursday. They've got a rough schedule coming up but if they continue playing like this, they're going back to the playoffs.

  14. What is with all this high praise of Mac Jones? He's not even that good. Let's face it the defense and coaching is what carries him. He throws a lot of checkdowns and short passes and has an offense full of nobodies. That's the only reason why his completion percentage is so high. He's like Blake Bortles, but better. I don't understand why so many people disrespect Matt Ryan. People need to realize he's not the probelm. Such an underrated QB.

  15. Wth is Wrong with the Dam Falcons???? Matt Ryan Sucks this year and thier new dam coach should be FIRED !!!!

  16. Matt Ryan time is over smh and the rest are just bums now

  17. Watch every Atlanta fan blame this on Matt Ryan. He is an issue but he’s not THE ISSUE!

  18. Falcon stand no chance against the Patriots they should never go against them again…

  19. The afc east shows the patriots in first place now……it looks normal again. Lol.

  20. Matt Ryan needs to take his undeserved millions, retire and ride off into the sunset 🌅.

  21. Why is it the game against the colts says TBD?

  22. When you look at the picture it looks like matt ryan is dying out there

  23. The Pats organization is just crazy. They lose one of the best QBs to ever play and their defense is not the juggernaut it was in 2019, yet they still find a way to be competitive and keep winning. On paper the Bucs and Cowboys are far better teams and the Pats were 1 play away from beating both of them. It’s crazy to me some of their ex fans wish their demise just bc Brady isn’t there anymore. If they make the playoffs this year you guys should be proud. Sometimes it seems like you guys don’t know how great you’ve had it over the years.

  24. Damn, I just looked up the stats. The Patriots have the number 1 defense in football. They're also 3rd in points scored.

  25. Guess who’s first in the east and third in afc

  26. The patriots always destroy the falcons

  27. Matt Ryan has 2.90 fantasy points in 2 games and the Falcons have scored 3 points in 2 games. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. How does Matt Ryan still have a job after all these years.

  29. I’m confused, Atlanta, was this a preseason game? (You played as though it were)

  30. Placekicker for Falcons;paid like a Soprano on a union job!

  31. The Brady Bowl is coming February 6th, 2022.
    The Brady vs Belichick Superbowl will be manipulated into existence by the NFL referees, I'm calling it now…

  32. I'll always trounce the patriots… in retro bowl

  33. Thanks for all the rings Tom. We'll take it from here.

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