Peach Bowl Highlights: Georgia Bulldogs vs. Cincinnati Bearcats | ESPN College Football -

Peach Bowl Highlights: Georgia Bulldogs vs. Cincinnati Bearcats | ESPN College Football

ESPN College Football
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Watch highlights from the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl between JT Daniels and the No. 9 Georgia Bulldogs against Desmond Ridder and the No. 8 Cincinnati Bearcats.

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  1. So…how is SEC football above and beyond the rest of the country? This looks like a competitive game.

  2. Lol UGA barely beat Cincinnati 🤦‍♂️ Lil. Pups are overrated every season

  3. Pickens didn’t have control of the football 🏈 on the deep pass. 👀 SEC UGA got away with that. UGA doesn’t look very tough I believe OKLAHOMA would’ve put 48 on them and given Bama a close game.. SOONERS look like a bright future heading their way.. UGA looks overrated as usual

  4. Wait a second! Two seconds left! That announcer clearly wanted the dawgs to lose lmao

  5. Crazy how GA beat #8 without 7 starters playing.

  6. @4:53. Kurt can't even diagnose a play after having instant replay. I know he's likeable but he needs to grow some brain cells. He seems like a guy focused on keeping his fat contract at all cost versus actually offering intelligent analysis. Offend no one. Keep the paychecks rolling in. That seems like his life plan.

    Can't blame the guy. Seems to be working for him. Pulling in a 7 digit a year salary while not really offering any value to the viewer. It pays to be likeable. I know it, he knows it, and his agent knows it. But it's not compelling commentary by any stretch. But he's getting rich playing it safe.

  7. Damnit bearcats. Y’all should’ve won that one

  8. This video makes me realize how similar cincy’s logo is to chick fil a

  9. Crazy to think that these two teams are number 1 and number 2 now 😳

  10. Checking back on this since these two teams are #1 and #2 👀 Who else is here for the same reason?

  11. I hope we get to play these frauds this year. We can use our starters and not 3rd stringers this year

  12. Had to comeback after both teams being undefeated. 👀


  13. I have a feeling we're going to see a rematch this year in the CFP.

  14. 7 defensive starters for georgia opted out of this bowl game…SEVEN. plus there best o lineman and te.
    they still won lol.

  15. I feel a rematch coming. Bet we won’t choke this year

  16. Cincinnati will beat Georgia this year and win the national championship 💪!!!

  17. Cincinnati Brearcats 2022 National Champions

  18. just now watching this after championship sat and must say this game would be a good rematch for the play-offs

  19. For all the people that say that Cincinnati can't hang with the best teams, just watch this video. Even on the plays that Cincinnati gave up, their D was just a split second away from hitting the QB.

  20. What a clutch kick and an amazing game !! Wish I watched it live

  21. This team is not going struggle against Alabama.

  22. Why doesn't UGA wear there black uniform against bama when ever they play each other..

  23. BAMA 42 cincy 14… going to be a long game for cincy

  24. Is it possible to see these two teams again in national championship 2021?

  25. My favorite part was the end when Kirby Smart dodged the Gatorade

  26. Here after the 2021 SEC loss to Alabama thinking about what could have been. Bring back JT.

  27. So Cincy basically goes undefeated two years straight and almost beats Georgia last year and still the only unbeaten team left in the playoffs but still only number 4… I’m not getting that logic… Give credit where it’s due… they should definitely be the number 1 seeded team…

  28. i remember watching our kicker seal the game with the field goal and i was jumping like crazy

  29. Can't wait to see Cincinnati gets reality Check in the CFP. Bowl Game and CFP are 2 different things.

  30. I hope there a rematch for the national title, and Georgia does what they do best. Not deliver. GO BEARCATS!

  31. Miss the old days when Georgia and Florida games was actually awesome to watch

  32. 1 missed filed goal cost Cinderella the game..

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