Penn State Football Pump Up 2019-2020 -

Penn State Football Pump Up 2019-2020

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Penn State is coming off what some would say a “disappointing season”. While 9 wins and a Citrus Bowl bid is nothing to be a shame of, Penn State Football had higher expectations going into the year. All time leading Quarterback Trace McSorely played with so much heart this past 2018 season. Now however it is time to pass the torch to Tommy Stevens, who we haven’t seen very much of. Guys like MIles Sanders, KJ Hamler, Juwan Johnson, and Ricky Slade all return. In addition most of the Penn State defense will age one more year and get older. Will a new quarterback be enough to put this Penn State squad over the edge. Time will tell.

I think most Penn State fans will agree that most of this season is on the coaching staff. With a few more reasonable decisions, Penn State might have a completely different record.

In this video we see scenes from the 2018 season, the whiteout games, and the final goodbye to #9 and Penn State legend Trace McSorley.

We Are!!!


  1. Thank you for being the only one that can make a 2019-20 pump up. Search up the pump up 2019-20 videos about Penn State and looked at recent videos and you sir are better than all of them. Quick note, the ending needs somthing else. Around it was perfect vid👍👍

  2. How does this only have 115 views lol this should at least have over a thousand man

  3. Letttttttssssssss Goooooooooooooo!! Penn State

  4. It might be a down year for PSU, but we're loyal fans. WE ARE!!!!

  5. Franklin "We're done being great". I guess so since they went 9-4 last year. They are done being great now they're gonna be mediocre.

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