Philadelphia eagles are throwing football games #Shorts -

Philadelphia eagles are throwing football games #Shorts

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  1. I’m an eagles fanWell I’m not watching the nfl at all because they’re kneeling but either way they tanked this yearWe lost our Defensive Coordinator and fired our head coachLost our starting QB because our coach couldn’t work with him wellAnd more of our veteran players got injuries We had a great team of players but based on our record tanked badly

  2. So what does it matter there is no problem we got a better pick (btw I know we suck so dont worry and we did throw i know )

  3. They meant to lose they needed a better draft pick and their season was already over… your so dumb

  4. 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️ I'm dead bro 💀 🤣 keepm comin !

  5. Not going to lie they are playing it smart they tanked this year trying to get a high pick in the draft

  6. Sorry Giants fans. You can't be pissed about this when you are 6 and 10.

  7. Imagine being a giants fan and genuinely bitching about not making the playoffs when you’re 6-10

  8. He tried to injure Smith tho. Trash ass team

  9. Yeah giants were so close and did so well. They deserve to be in the post season. I’m sure they would have run the table. Probably beat everyone they play by a couple of TDs. Win the the Super Bowl 55-0 over by the Chiefs. Now they can’t because the eagles pulled they’re starter in a meanless game.

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