Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Commanders | Week 3 2022 Game Highlights -

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Commanders | Week 3 2022 Game Highlights

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  1. 3:15. Replay, replay, replay, replay. This throw puts all of Hurts weaknesses last year on blast. Standing in the pocket, making his reads, going deep left with pinpoint accuracy. The coverage was solid but the throw and catch were just better

  2. Commander that’s the Washington Redskins not commander Redskins

  3. Qué bueno que ya no pongan quién ganó en el título no se puede ver todos los partidos y es muy agradable ver un resumen sin saber quién ganó 😊

  4. OK where did the Eagles go and who are these guys wearing Phila's colors? lol Most of my life I've been disappointed by the Eagles, but so far this year they are making me smile.

  5. Washington and Detroit both should tank this year for the top 2 QBs

  6. Jalen Hurts
    C/ATT 22/35
    340 passing yards
    3 passing touchdowns
    27.6 Fantasy Points!

  7. DeVonta Smith
    12 targets
    8 receptions
    169 receiving yards
    1 receiving touchdown
    22.9 Fantasy Points!

  8. Did Washington forget to bring an offensive line today? Good God….

  9. Ron Riveras record without Cam Newton at QB is hideous

  10. I tried to tell ppl Smith is an absolute stud then you add AJ OMG!!!! Then you have Goedert wtf!!!!!

  11. Damn the Commander's O-Line was getting battered. Poor Wentz.

  12. Eagles beating teams they SHOULD beat>>>>Eagles losing

  13. It's so good to see The Washington Wokes lose.
    Wentz sees more of the sack than Santa Claus !

  14. The "commanders" aren't really commanding anything are they ….. the name serves its team right like watching high school football with a high school football team name. what a joke

  15. Who ever is commentating this game is just a little TOO excited about the Commanders here who have 2 points in the 4th

  16. Played with heart … cannot teach natural talents……..$5 R = yea buoy

  17. Remember when they wanted to get rid of Jalen Hurts? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

  18. not sure who called that gut run that led to the safety. but horrible call. easiest 2 points anyone has ever put on the table.

  19. Wentz has got to be the worst QB in the league.

  20. Nice catch by smith!💪🏼 nice game for downtown and smith!! Washington needs to start calling some quicker passing plays if the want wentz to be good. Plus some play action and qb runs.

  21. Wentz holding the football is costing Washington everything. 2nd and 6, instead taking a check-down to get a few yards to make a manageable 3rd down., he holds the ball giving opportunity for a strip sack. Not only he didn't give himself a chance to sustain the drive but he gives ball to the Eagles in his own 20s. The intellectual part of quarterbacking in required before any of physical tools come into play. People often evaluate quarterbacks only on whether they can throw or if they can run but decision-making is the most important aspect. Washington has a pretty good defenese and if they had a QB like Cooper Rush of the Cowboys, they would've won at least a couple more games!

  22. Хёртс вновь показал, что не только в ногах у него сила, но и рука в порядке – несколько метких long pass, как украшение игры.

    Игра без интриги. Иглз легко доминируют. D-Line прессингует QB и сэки не делает, только ленивый. Атака у Иглз была продуктивна, но защита Коммандорс не оказывала сильного давления на Хёртса.

    Интересно увидеть Хёртса в игре против сильной D-Line. При этом O-Line Иглз также интересно проверить на прочность

    Венц (QB) был ужасен. Решения принимал долго в условиях раьоты с O-Line, которая не способна защитить своего пасующего. У Венца в активе не более 30 ярдов(!!!!!!) после 1-й половины матча. Большую часть своих пасовых ярдов Венц набрал в мусорное время при счете 24:2. Это ярды при низком уровне сопротивления

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