Picks for EVERY Championship Game in College Football [Best Bets, Picks to Win] | CBS Sports HQ - ishmargames.com

Picks for EVERY Championship Game in College Football [Best Bets, Picks to Win] | CBS Sports HQ

CBS Sports HQ
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Brady Quinn & Danny Kanell join CBS Sports HQ to share their picks for EVERY championship game.

0:00-7:39 Georgia vs Alabama
7:40-11:37 Michigan vs Iowa
11:38-14:29 Baylor vs Oklahoma State
14:30-17:54 Pitt vs Wake Forest
17:55-21:17 Oregon vs Utah
21:18-24:14 USC vs Cal (Makeup Game)
24:15-28:04 Houston vs Cincinnati
28:05-30:20 Utah State vs San Diego State
30:21-32:17 App State vs Louisiana
32:18-33:45 Western Kentucky vs UTSA
33:46-36:05 Kent State vs Northern Illinois


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  1. Alabama isn’t “right behind’ UGA in defense. The difference is large

  2. Nobody gonna mention that they got Bama at 11-4😂😂

  3. Wow they are so bias an keep counting out uga and Stetson Bennett especially with Bowers an Pickens back now .. an all the others lol they are already making excuses for bama smh lol

  4. All this talk and it’s practically not the same teams. Only a few of these guy were here for the recent matchups. So shut the hell up about Alabama gaining confidence “because they’ve been here before” or the Georgia team “playing tight”

  5. These bone heads don't know what they are talking about 😳. Bunches Dawgs haters. Go Dawgs sic'em.

  6. These guys on on crack. Bama isn't CLOSE to Ga…34-10 Dawgs on top

  7. Im a Alabama fan and i want no wich jersey will Alabama have on this weekend im thinking white

  8. Brady Quinn is hilarious, "Iowa, they play everyone close". Yeah, except the two teams that they played that finished the season with less that 5 losses, they lost to them by 20. Iowa has beat no one with less than 5 losses this year (okay, Minnesota had 4, but that's it…their marquee win). Seriously, 5 of their wins came against teams that finished with 7 or more losses. Iowa is not a good team, Michigan could win this game by 30.

  9. All this disrespect to Bama I hope they win.

  10. Every Georgia game this season has had the same “expert analysis”. Not getting anything different in this. 12-0.

  11. All the years bama done beat Ga.. i think they finally get over the hump this year


  13. The mental aspect could be a factor. If Bama keeps it close, that could affect Georgia mentally.

  14. What do they know as analysts they don’t know anything because they weren’t any good as Qb’s in their times without their teams
    Other teams flip a coin

  15. Analysts didnt mention Arkansas or Kentucky for UGA, bias shining like a star.

  16. So a bunch of unders… Sounds extremely boring

  17. Let’s be honest, bama doesn’t have a prayer against the dawgs. They will dominate that O line and keep Bryce on his heels. He won’t have time to throw it. I can see this game getting ugly fast.

  18. I’m really curious if Georgia blows out bama and one of Michigan (not likely) or okl state loses, what will happen. Itd be between either Baylor/iowa and then bama and notre dame. Bama should be out Baylor would have 3 pretty solid wins, and rectified one of their losses but ultimately I know the committee will take notre dame in that situation

  19. The only thing that I keep hearing from everyone is about Georgia and how they are going to beat Alabama. Saturday everyone will be in for a big surprise because bama defense will show up and upset Georgia 21-17

  20. This fool calling Stetson Bennet a game manager is a joke.

  21. Coach Fickell has everything he needs for current and future success a Cincinatti. Other than when Coach Rhule left Temple, the coaches who left strong AAC programs have not lasted at the new job.. And now that Cincinatti is in Big 12, it makes no sense to leave. Other than money which will come anyway if you maintain Cincinatti.

  22. GO BLUE rest of the nation better be worried for sure tbh michigan aside from 10 minutes of one half they should be 12-0 and ranked #1 in the playoff

  23. Brady Quinn: "Alabama is right behind Georgia in almost every defensive category in the SEC."
    Alabama points allowed vs Florida, Arkansas, and Tennessee: 88 (allowed 239 total)
    Georgia points allowed ALL SEASON: 83 (allowed UF/ARK/Tenn to score a total of 24)

  24. Why does Danny Kanell keep getting jobs? He has been hired and then fired by every damn sports network, just give it up and go away for crissakes. Where will he get a job at next Newsmax?

  25. Georgia will crush Alabama and knock them out of the playoffs

  26. Take the over we beating bama by 50

  27. Brady Quinn is a moron…and can't pick ATS…Georgia rolls and covers…Georgia rules the day at least for this season…And how is Iowa going to score? Petras sucks…There is too much at stake for Michigan to have a let down…Way to Big…really Brady…should it be 3?

  28. If Ga. doesn't choke then welcome the SEC victory

  29. Do you have to be a Bama fluffer to work at CBS these days?

  30. All u hear is Alabama this an that by the media they build Alabama up so much about the pass but this is 2021 got nothing to do about yesterday games Georgia 47 17 or 24

  31. Stadiums Plenty Next Saty, As Every Weekend Were In The Last 4 Months, Covid my Irish Arsshh !!!! LET´S GO BRANDON, LET´S GO BAMA !!!!

  32. All these under games I know one of these games will be over lol

  33. It was duck hunting season in Vegas last night. 38 -10. Utah pac 12 champion. Shows you how much these analysts know .

  34. Either Georgia win or lose they still get into the playoffs ? Beating Alabama wood and knocking them out would be sweet as well besides you may play them again to get to the championship game ? Remember Alabama's wide receiver will miss out the first half !

  35. Alabama is going to blowout Georgia!

  36. and Alabama goes into the playoffs ranked #1

  37. LMAO @ these guys picks! SIC'EM BEARS!!!!

  38. Somebody should do a video about : out of 44 bowl games only 6 are televised . Citrus, tony the tiger, Holiday,Gasparilla the LA and Independence

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