Picks for EVERY Top 25 game in College Football [Week 6 Betting Guide] | CBS Sports HQ - ishmargames.com

Picks for EVERY Top 25 game in College Football [Week 6 Betting Guide] | CBS Sports HQ

CBS Sports HQ
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Brady Quinn and Danny Kanell join CBS Sports HQ to break down their game picks for every Top 25 game heading into Week 5!

00:00-5:35 Georgia at Auburn
5:36-7:45 Alabama at Texas A&M
7:46-10:54 Penn State at Iowa
10:55-14:10 Oklahoma vs Texas
14:11-16:51 Arkansas at Ole Miss
16:52-19:52 LSU at Kentucky
19:53-22:37 Vanderbilt at Florida
22:38-26:21 Maryland at Ohio State
26:22-29:10 Michigan at Nebraska
29:11-31:42 Michigan State at Rutgers
31:43-35:28 Notre Dame at Virginia Tech
35:29-37:37 Wake Forest at Syracuse
37:38-39:43 Temple at Cincinnati
39:44-40:30 SMU at Navy
40:31-41:59 Stanford at Arizona State
42:00-42:55 Boise State at BYU
42:56-43:46 Coastal Carolina at Arkansas State
43:47-45:43 New Mexico at San Diego State


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  1. Great content! Keep up the good work fellas 👌🏾

  2. Home cookin is to be feared , for Iowa . Penn State 16-13

  3. How is Aburn ranked number 18 just by beating a terrible LSU team..they should have lost to Georgia St

  4. Danny kanell believes in Bo nix more then Jt Daniels. Lmao.

  5. False information! Georgia defense only allowed 1 Touchdown!! The other was a pick 6 from our back up QB.

  6. How does danny kanell have a job my 7 year son knows more than him, what a joke

  7. Auburn will make UGA throw ball and UGA will fail … pups lose to Auburn

  8. best trio of analysis ever well done All 3 thumbs up

  9. PSU wins i think they are the most balanced in big10

  10. Auburn is This weekends version of Stanford..UGA goes down

  11. Once the offense line gels OU will get rolling.. Oklahoma 38-Ut 24… Rattle will Roll

  12. Sick of people talking about Goofy Georgia..nix isnt a God..lol..I would go with the other qb not nix

  13. Arkansas qb was hurt… probably shouldn't have played… I would take auburn and the points…

  14. It is all about how Texas plays… if they do luke everyone else and keep OU to 8 poss… then yes it will be close.. if OU gets 10 more times with the ball.. then I see Texas getting blew away

  15. wondering where he's going to run, cause it won't be forward. Dix couldn't blow last year either losing to UGA 27-6 in Athens.
    You guys cant say Auburn is better.
    New head coach, 2 new coordinators who both came from the sec east.
    (In case you forgot Georgia has the sec east in its back pocket for 4 years. 26-2 )
    Wondering why people watch you loons.
    Rather light my cigars with $100 bills then bet on your advice.

  16. Do your homework. This is NOT a letdown game for UK, lol…………Do some research guy. Commonwealth is SOLD OUT. Will be LOUDER than last week. You don't really get it. UK D is one of the best in the nation, and that is after losing the starting nt McCall………….lsu MUST run the ball. Is that going to happen???? REally? NOT…………..You guys are way to fluffy. Do some detailed research. KATS are for real, but thank you for continuing to doubt them. We love it. 6-0 coming ; )

  17. This has been up for a day 400k+ subscribers 5000 views. People have learned not to waste their time on these morons. I just watched a dairy farmer spread cow manure, he has 200k+ subscribers and got 94000 views in 23 hours.

  18. I guess CBS didn't except a&m to lose 2 straight when putting them in prime time

  19. I just don't see Georgia lossing to Auburn

  20. Penn st. iowa gonna be a good one…Battle of defenses!

  21. It was Ole Miss' least points, and at the same time, the most points scored against Bama in Tuscaloosa this year. It may turn out to be the most scored on them in Tuscaloosa this season. Ole Miss scored more points on them than any other team last year too. Florida only scored 10 more points on Bama this year but they played in the Swamp!

  22. KJ Jefferson can run and buy time and they still got blanked…

  23. Huh? UGA beat AU by three TD's last year. UGA is better and AU is worse this year. Arkansas is better than AU and lost by 37. UGA may double that spread. UGA -14.5 is a lock.

  24. This Chanel to me is better than espn,in my opinion

  25. As Kentucky fan, I'm worried about a hangover too. But you better belive mark stoops has preached this all week. And when does stoops get some national credit??????? Kentucky a tough game for anybody now , when they used to get blown out half there sec schedule. And Florida….. they have won 2 times outta last for years, and Florida had come back from done digits in 4th quarter to get one them wins, so kentucky has been a better team. Look at there outta conference wins in last 5 years had Penn st down 27-0 In 3 quarter. Beat Virginia tech, n.c. state, we will see if there.. moving next to Georgia In east.

  26. And Geiogia handles auburn pretty easy. 35- 10.

  27. The best breakdown of the Michigan V Nebraska matchup on youtube. Agreed. Michigan takes it.

  28. Quinn's glasses fail to make any wiser than he really is. Kentucky beat Florida for the second time in 4 years. This win was in Lexington, the first since 1986. Kentucky was 5-0 in 2018. So Kanell proves to be no brighter than Quinn. There will be no letdown. LSU will NOT be able to suddenly run the football. Stoops and his team are all about business this week. They are determined to best their 10-3 record in 2018. Kentucky wins again, 27-12.

  29. Don't worry Amanda, Oklahoma got this and it'll be by more than 3 1/2

  30. Danny is a complete idiot this dude is so irrelevant. They need some younger newer analysts who actually use real data and analytics

  31. As of 10/4 my BEST IN CONFERENCE top 10 1. ALA(SEC) 2.PENN ST (B1G) 3.CIN (AAC) 4.OKL (BIG 12) 5.BYU.6.Coastal (Sun Belt) 7.SDS (MW) 8. UTSA (C-USA) 9 wAKE (ACC) 10. ORG (PAC 12). The four playoff spots should go to Conference winners.

  32. ARK had two Mobile QB and we shut that down

  33. Don't y'all listen to that take Georgia with the points and take the over if Georgia beat the hell out of Arkansas what you think they going to do the Auburn Tigers another ass whooping

  34. See cincy has an easy road to the playoff…while all these teams week in and week out have to battle the best teams in the country to make it..

  35. DK is famous for being a dawg hater….no big deal. The game will speak for itself. Love Brady's laughing when DK said nix could make the same play against UGAs defense.

  36. JT Daniel is already “the man”, haven’t you been watching him play? Also, Georgia can run the ball all day if they wanted to, they dictate the game, not Auburn’s defense
    Bo has one good game and you have already basically given him the Heisman Trophy, come on, be better!

  37. would bet a million on the ole miss vs arkansas under

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