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Pitt vs #18 UCLA Exciting Ending | 2022 College Football

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The Sun Bowl college football game between UCLA and Pitt had an exciting ending as the game came down to the final seconds.

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  1. DTR has no class. Glad to see them go right for him on the sideline after the game ending INT 😂

  2. He was like dude pick me up when the camera looks at us lol

  3. These guys commentary sound like one actor doing two wacky voices, like Dan Castetanella doing Smithers and Mr. Burns.

  4. Hey Pitt…If you're gonna play like champions, then celebrate like champions. Cuz that taunting in front of the Bruins' sideline was not just Bush League, it was downright C.S. Both teams played like MEN so this was your chance to celebrate like MEN. Not Pop Warner Brats!

  5. UCLA booins clown football 🤡🤡🤡 way to go haha Dorian turnover Robinson hahahaha 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂 u stink!

  6. Take that Dorian turnover nitwit Thompson hahahaha 😂😂🤣

  7. Congratulations Pitt 🏈🏈🏈🏈

  8. Lol. Ucla lost thats Grrrrrrrrate… lol keep running your mouth dtr… FIGHT ON pitt

  9. Really hate to see Pitt win, their coach is an ass!

  10. I love how pathetic UCLA turned out to be… what a complete and utter waste of a season.

  11. I wish I went because I live in El Paso but good game

  12. Proud of my Panthers. Wasn’t even sure if they’d make a bowl game when they were 4-4, but reeled off 5 straight wins to finish a very respectable 9-4. 💙💛

  13. I love when Dorian gets humbled cant stand that guy

  14. the entire state of california should be ashamed…and they stink at football too

  15. This game reminds you at just how much pressure there is being a kicker.

  16. I love this—- Chip Kelly is a freaking overrated loser

  17. That’s a good QB, Dan Marino like. See you in the NFL

  18. There were a lot of good bowl games this year.

  19. Amazing Pitts school doors are still open given they were being investigated for using aborted fetuses and splicing them with rats to see if they could make hair grow. Wonder whatever happened with that case?

  20. UCLA is going to get killed in the Big10 when they leave the Pac12 in 2024.

  21. Love the Sun Bowl watch it every year lived in El Paso went to it several times as kid never liked UCLA glad they lost😀👍👏👏👏

  22. Thanks CBS ,I refuse to watch ESPN, they buy up all the Bowls you use to get over the air and expect you to pay (NEVER)

  23. "Successful entrepreneurs are givers and not takers of positive energy." **Anonymous


  25. Neither one of these teams deserved to win. Shameful. ☹☹☹

  26. Again UCLA humiliated themselves and embarrassed their alumni because they have a terrible defensive coordinator and no one on the defense can make a tackle.
    Please stop playing football and breaking the hearts of the student body until you can learn basic skills that should have been perfected in Pop Warner.

  27. Damn Pac 12 getting exposed this Bowl season.

  28. As someone who usually goes for PAC12 teams in bowl games, I am glad they both lost in such a dramatic fashion because they no longer represent the PAC12. I wish them nothing but the worst in the Big Ten.

  29. allot of smiles after the game for u c l a they were smiling after the u s c game to poor coach .

  30. Was there when it happened, was absolutely insane. The tension was thick in the air but they pulled it back by barely a hair.

  31. I was soo bummed when ucla lost, They Nearly Had It In The Bag💰

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