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Rams vs. Seahawks Week 5, 2019 FULL Game

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00:00 – Start

35:02 – 2nd Quarter

1:13:49 – 3rd Quarter

1:43:03 – 4th Quarter

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  4. I miss when the 12 man was really loud. Not the same anymore.

  5. This game was fun and im glad my hawks pulled through😆

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  9. 2021 , This Seahawk team IS a SUPERBOWL TEAM !!! That is just a FACT !!!

  10. That roughing the passer on Matthews in the 4th quarter is so soft

  11. Russell Wilson pitches more than Don Draper.

  12. I can't stand this dual of commentators….they both suck dogs balls. This opinion is based on hearing every single game they were a part of prior to this game. I prefer to hear paint dry.

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  14. Man I know Patrick is tired of having to put up 30 plus points each in every week of his career just to give his team a chance to win. That’s always been a Andy Reid type of team 🚨🚨

  15. Tennessee is the first team to put a yeti on the field

  16. The Cowboys are poised for a Superbowl return. How bout them Cowboys!!

  17. What's with that neon yellow jersey? Makes everyone look bananas.

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  19. This was a hell of a game. The NFC West has been a powerhouse for a good while, now.

  20. Whoever wins the NFC West technically wins the Superbowl. That conference is super tough most teams wouldn't make it in that Division.

  21. Whose here after the Rams beat them on Thursday night?

  22. Rams realize short load do it by hand. When a man asks a father of his bride to be for her hand father asks why? Replys Im tired of using mine. Father likes his honesty but wants to kick his ass though his mouth just like that bungled punt in this game

  23. Yeah troys right. Jack youngblood was a.mans man. Love the guy. Wasnso proud to be a rams fan mainly because he was 150 percent professional and carriex his act like that everytime he played. Wish he was playing with Donald in his prime would of really blown away

  24. Where is the rest of the full game from week 1? This is the only Full Game that I’ve seen. Can you please let me know if there IS a full games from week 1 n the rest of the weeks? Thank you

  25. Ok so….yeah, I thought this was this year game. Haha. But yeah, why there’s no full games this year, why it’s all highlights? I love the full games, I like knowing what they’re saying. Please let me know. Thanks

  26. Jared Goff: from palm trees in LA to abandon houses in Detroit.

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