Rams vs. Seahawks Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2021 - ishmargames.com

Rams vs. Seahawks Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2021

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  1. Gino was sitting and watching for a long time
    Free checks!!!

  2. From LOB to HCD… House of China Dolls. The lack of any pre flight contact by this defense is disgusting. Nobody dares touch a receiver on a route, hell its yards of space every God damn down! Norton should resign and get fired at the same time. I don't care if we lose games If these China dolls start covering, with contact, and lay some frigging wood on there tackles as the ball is coming in! Think you've all been in Seattle too long, you're acting like the cops who hand out crowbars to criminals. DISGUSTING PATHETIC SHAMEFUL DEFENSE! And yeah I'm calling you out Adam's, and I'm a 100 miles away so come find me!

  3. Does every QB that leaves the Jets just get better automatically?

  4. Win or lose I adore the Super Action Hero lime green uniforms.
    (& also have to admit Tams have the most intimidating helmets imagine those barreling down the field at u)

  5. seahawks should of won thats why i gave it a thumbs down! :[

  6. But tyler locket was on his game today!

  7. Funny, I can, and always will exact the moment Seattle barely missed the next dynasty era. More than a superbowl championship died in that moment.

  8. absolutely no eye of the tiger for the D, Lets go Brandon wtf!!!

  9. With world being flat and all, how did all these kickers miss all these kicks this weekend?🧐 The 🌎 must be tilting👈🏻🤔

  10. just saying next game seahawks are going to win

  11. The half wood likely undress because napkin frustratingly use for a late turnip. bite-sized, pleasant giant

  12. Why are Seattle’s Coaches giving up every damn time on 3rd and long

  13. What many people may not realize is that the tackle (passer interference) play that rookie Rochelle made was a "headsup" play! Why? Because he saved the Rams from a touchdown, baby… GO RAMS!!!

  14. Jamal Adams did a great job laying the wood on his own team.

  15. Sea hawks deserved to lose after they ran 4times in a row audible time out something

  16. The most impressive play was the Seahawks punter recovering a blocked punt and punting again to the ten yard line.

  17. This Aaron Donals always injuring QBs fingers 😅 last time it was Brees and now Wilson.

  18. Geno looked better than Wilson's entire 2021 campaign

  19. 07:41
    Excellent throw/catch and initial evasion but what happened toward the end of that play? Did Jackson get tired and decide to take a break on the sideline?

  20. Законопослушный водитель says:

    Какая крутая салатовая форма))

  21. Now every time I see Russel Wilson all I think of is… Mr Unlimited.

  22. Things I want to see more of:

    1. Geno Smith

  23. The refs tried so hard to win the game for seattle

  24. McVay still the best Coach in the league by a Megaparsec

  25. Those Seahawks uniforms are a serious eyesore

  26. Mark my words. Russell Wilson will be moving to a new better team next year. He deserves to as well. I am a Seahawks fan but when your superbowl top 5 qb is asking for better protection and everyone from the owner down to coach ignores him, and he breaks his hand, ( hand is kind of important if your job is to throw the ball) then as hard as it is for me to see him go……he needs to go somewhere where they respect him. Seattle has a history of trashing their own players. Even their stars. They don't care. How many years does he have to run for his life? He has done it EVERY SINGLE YEAR since his rookie year. Send the poor guy to a team that treats their stars better, and a team with a good o-line. Watch what happens. Seattle DOES NOT DESERVE DANGERUSS.

  27. Roughing the passer… … …. ….. . . . . ….fuckinreally

  28. DeSean Jackson why did you just run out of bounds? Did you pull a muscle?

  29. God loves you and I do too and he sent his son to die on the cross for our sin!!!!!!!!

  30. Geno has been through more than a lot of NFL QBs have had to endure in his career. I think it would have been cool to see him incorporated into the offense occasionally on trick plays even before he became the starter with Russell's injury!!!

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