Rams vs. Seahawks Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2021 - ishmargames.com

Rams vs. Seahawks Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2021

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  1. russel looked scared. geno looked confident

  2. Remember the Legion of Boom? Pepperidge Farm remembers

  3. For that play alone, it should be legal to kick multiple times. That was great.

  4. I don't want to hear any more jokes about g-spots. Nor about b-spots, c-spots, a-spots, d-spots, f-spots, t-spots, Ink Spots or flower pots.

  5. oh nobodys gonna talk about donald and his constant late hits that dont get called he should suspended its suh all over again just another dirty playing late hitting overrated fat ass that everyone loves if he took out brady this wouldnt even be a question

  6. Ok but why are all the good qbs doing bad this year

  7. What is with those Seahawk home uniforms? I thought I was watching Oregon!

  8. I thought the “can’t kick the ball twice” rule was about coaches who line up to kick a field goal on any down but 4th so that if a botch occurs they can kick it again? Meaning an attempt to kick that’s aborted is considered a turnover no matter the down? That’s how it was explained to me anyway.

  9. Tomiln and Carrol are competing for the title of dumbest coach in the NFL this year.

  10. Ref Torbert (62) blew the double kick call and didn't call tripping with 2:02 left in the game . 2 bad calls that influenced the outcome of the game .

  11. The NFL is fixed. Just google the Jet's fan who just so happened to be lawyer and he sued the NFL for being rigged. The NFL admitted it. It's exactly like the WWE.

  12. The today's Seattle Seahawks, is a perfect illustration of "GO WOKE GO BROKE!" These humanoids, who are Multi Millionaires, playing a kids game! After YEARS of being coddled and sheltered they reach the ripe ol age of 25-30, they have a over-blown believe they're a vast storage of knowledge and wisdom (thanks sports writers). These overgrown BOYS (mentality immature ~ brain is not FULLY grown until age 25) are totally removed from the reality (case subject: Kaepernick) ~ of 'what life is like for their fans.' Fans just wanna see massive size bodies crunch into each other ~ QB to "air it out, long" for a quick score. ~ a RB breaking out of a log jam for a big gainer. A team who just plays for the HOME FOLKS! Sunday/Monday/Thursday/et al are days for the REAL MEN/WOMEN who just wanna escape from the ship, that is WOKISM! SS have blown their PATHETIC season already. If they, and it is a BIG IF, make it to a playoff ~ they will not have HOME advantage. These HUMANOIDS do not care for anyone but their ownself, the LOYAL FAN is a "QUAINT," thought!

  13. Extremely happy Robert Woods had a big game!! Imo he deserves it and he shows he’s definitely a high quality receiver when he’s targeted 💎. Stafford needs to throw to him just as much as he throws the ball to Cooper Cupp. It’s ESSENTIAL/CRUCIAL that Stanford really spreads the ball to the other receivers instead of RELYING so much on Cupp.

  14. And Stafford finds a team with real talent that he can exploit.

  15. Stupid Los Angeles biggest loser tonight

  16. You can't kick the ball twice when if it's behind the line of scrimmage? What a pointless rule to add.

  17. I have to admit, that was a good game.

  18. As a Ravens fan I always wondered what happened to Alex Collins and I'm so happy to see him on another team doing well keep it up bro hopefully you can come back to Baltimore sometime I always thought he played very well for the Ravens

  19. I didn't know white people could play in today's woke NFL.
    Let's go Brandon.

  20. When was the last time Seattle fans were more excited about the Mariners than the defenseless hawks?

  21. If the Seahawks are gonna have any chance, they are gonna have to step up across the board. Geno Smith isn’t bad but he’s no Russell Wilson

  22. Michelle lowers her shoulder!!! U go gurl!

  23. Man, you can't touch a quarterback anywhere near the shoulders even, without a penalty it seems. Not your 1970s NFL. Maybe it's for the better with the kind of brain injuries these guys used to take.

  24. Yeah Hoo! Start planning the superbowl parade again!

  25. Mom is the men., again RAMS #99. Crushing the game

  26. Question: Could the Seahawk Defense be any worse? Answer: No

  27. At what time in the game was the double block play against Aaron Donald? Couldnt find it, the photo was epic.

  28. I don't care. Monday night football was the best! Thursday night football games aren't the same. Not about rest. Not about the schedule. All about the money. ESPN. NFL owned. Oh well..

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