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Rarebreeds vs CDJ 🔥🔥7U Youth Football

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Youth football highlights of Rarebreeds vs CDJ. Presented by Capture a Star, ig captureastar.


  1. My 9u team would whoop these kids

  2. Somebody said they were numble 1 bUT loSt that's karma and funny

  3. Can you watch my next game I play for the frostburg cougars September 24

  4. I can be join championships Stop making people jealous

  5. Ref is a sellout for not letting them use they visor

  6. This Saturday in San Antonio north central jaguars versus south Texas rebels

  7. On the rare breeds someone's last name is ak47

  8. Jaguar #52 is going to be a beast linebacker when he get up there with the big boys. His rush is on point.

  9. I go 0000 hey son
    Get out the cam jnarize

  10. Saints fan Donovan Duplessis MarshallLanamore⚜️ says:


  11. By the way the moment I started watching this I was just chilling with my blue hot takies😹

  12. Dang bro they better than my 10u team

  13. How ya feelin unda there “good” lol it cracked me up

  14. yall ass compared to bradly youth foot ball yall stait up trash

  15. Number one has the same shoulder pads as me😂😂😂😂

  16. Hi I’m that guy well my number is 52# but my name is Kingston

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