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Music Credited to – NCS, Kevin Macleod, StewRat, and Kozah.

I dont take any rights over any of this music provided nor do I intend to infrige on a copyrighted claim

Intro song – StewRat – Empty
Outro song – Kozah – Travel Again [NCS Release]


  1. i tried salad potato today but it was okayyyy

  2. The messed up part about Lf is THE DANG HITBOX

  3. I thought u were about to put Legendary football on good I was bouta go insane lol

  4. First of all salad potato and I think football stars is some trash because most wrs can’t catch and qbs can’t throw and football universe deserved amazing but Ik it’s your opinion. Keep making good videos 🙂

  5. Legendary football in my eyes was/is the best football game.

  6. LEGENDARY FOOTBALL FANES FOR EVERY SO happy I'm crying😭😭😭😭😁😭😭😁😁😁😁😂

  7. I miss new football legends ;( i wish there was a way for someone to hack and copy all the files and make the same exact game..

  8. new football legends was the best 😭😭, i remember all the clans like wscc and tfs, and all the leagues…

  9. Whats the goated game plese tell quick because im intrested

  10. Lf is amazing not goated 🐐🚫 it's amazing

  11. U forgot arena football 3. actually don't even bother. that was trash.

  12. Diner in ur friend I remember I were my first friend on rblx forgot about u just notice ur a yt MY USERnAME is xxxboixd I try to give u rbx long time ago OMG

  13. Wasnt the first okay game called football heroes

  14. Yes thank you! New Football Legends WAS THE BEST! I MISS IT SO MUCH!

  15. Only OG's will remember legendary football mosses by dimer

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