Saints vs. Panthers Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2021 -

Saints vs. Panthers Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2021

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The New Orleans Saints take on the Carolina Panthers during Week 2 of the 2021 NFL season.

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  1. That was so romantic in the end how he pulled him in and asked him out on a date 😳

  2. Winston's vision and awareness was bad and just played AWFUL. He needs to start moving around and making better decisions instead of making terrible mistakes. If not, i wouldn't mind seeing Taysom Hill run this offense!!!

  3. It was just week 2, calm down Saints fan… We’ll be fine. WhoDat

  4. Lmao. Bruh, Winston is gonna be throwing picks all season.

  5. AAQB's will never be good enough to play that position…HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  6. winston is like an empty pack of smokes…..hahahahahahah

  7. Imo Darnold is a better fit for the Panthers than Cam was. Cam has always been overrated.

  8. To go from Brees to Winston is like melting gold into poop. Winston is pick machine. Lol

  9. The panthers are going to be fun to watch this year. Couldn't stand overrated pre madonna Cam, but I am glad Carolina picked up Darnold. The jets were ruining great talent, the panthers knew what he had. Smart move panthers.

  10. Winston must be smoking blunts be he play.

  11. wow pull Winston he cant do a damn thing….. He is Garbage plain and simple..

  12. As a saints fan who lives in New Orleans I think it's rigged because how they gonna beat the green Bay 38 to 3 and not let arron Rodgers score once but then lost to the panthers man smh

  13. Show many new videos about the Saints game came out today September 26, 2021

  14. I love how Week 1 for the Saints represents their absolute potential this year, while Week 2 represents the worst case scenario. Which Saints will we see this year?

  15. There's a reason Darnold was drafted #2 overall in 2018 by the Jets. And it was not to be wasted like Zach Wilson is.

  16. It’s been along time feeling this confident being a Dallas Cowboy fan! BRING IT ON PANTHERS NEXT WEEK YOUR WINNING STREAK ENDS IN DALLAS NEXT WEEK!

  17. THESE ARENT THE PANTHERS SHEEESHHHHH. I see y'all now Carolina 😂😂 I'm looking forward to a Panthers-Cardinals game now. Best matchup of the season??

  18. I just noticed on that Justin Burris interception, what was Donte Jackson doing? He sure wasn’t blocking after Burris came down with it

  19. It's about time the Panthers got out of their slump and beat the saints. I guess now that ol crab legs McGhee is qb and not the the golden child brees the saints won't be as relevant to the NFL . Who wants to see them win now. Sean Payton must not have blown the refs before this game

  20. Sam's in a happier place now& North Carolina's the benefactorI Love a Win/Win situation – hurray for McCaffery too 🙂

  21. Who in the Hell was blocking for Wisnston?? Look how much time Darnold had to throw compared to Winston…. They were allowed to rattle Winston early and often…

  22. Who in the Hell was blocking for Wisnston?? Look how much time Darnold had to throw compared to Winston…. They were allowed to rattle Winston early and often…

  23. And Winston under pressure can’t just heave the ball up, gotta get it to his check down recievers…. and not into a crowd of his opponents…

  24. Winston is clown QB Why not Sean let Ian Book play Mac jones is success to play

  25. I'm neither the Jets fan nor the Panthers fan. But, I'm happy to see my guy Sam Darnold succeed with his new team. Before the draft, I said that the Jets should take the 49ers offer and build around Sam Darnold. They didn't. I feel bad for QBs drafted by the Jets. It's like the cemetery QB right there.

  26. Cardinals messed up big time releasing Reddick. He is well on his way to another double digit sack year while Arizona is paying JJ Watt more money than anyone on the team and he has zero sacks.

  27. Does Jameis Winston lack the focus to a starter in the NFL? Seems like put it together for the QB competition, but now he's trying to do too much again. Has the Saints O-line gone from one of the best in the NFL to one of the worse? Was the Panthers Defense just that good? The Saints already know they can win with Taysom starting from when Brees was injured, will they start a rematch at the quarterback battle if Jameis starts throwing the ball away consistently like at Tampa?
    I only got to watch the highlights.

  28. It's good to see Jameis back to his old self.

  29. Winston is heading to the 30/30 club ….again!

  30. Yikes this game was just an O-line difference from start to finish. Panthers defense looking scary this year

  31. Famous Jameis is those turnovers again…

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