San Francisco 49ers vs. Denver Broncos | 2022 Week 3 Highlights -

San Francisco 49ers vs. Denver Broncos | 2022 Week 3 Highlights

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  1. This game was weird both teams still in preseason form lol 😂😂😂 what a weird outing it was

  2. Jimmy should really go back to his starting position…bench 😂😭

  3. Such a disappointing loss. The run game was going for Wilson and Juszczyk was literally on point with his play. As a Niners fan, Shanahan makes me scratch my head at times with his questionable play calling abilities. And at this point, as I see it, Garoppolo isn’t that guy to lead us back to the promised land. I mean, even Lance knows not to step outta bounds😂

  4. The first three games shows me so far how good Wilson really is. In my eyes it shows me it's not him being good witch so far he doesn't look so hot like he did in Seattle because it was the coaching that got Seattle where they did with him and the way they coached the team and not what Wilson was doing. He also had receivers that would catch the ball even when he made bad throws that most wouldn't be able to catch.

  5. they dont call russ the "3 & Out Kang" for nothing

  6. Such an ugly loss and one of the worst sunday night games I have ever watched. I'm done watching niner games until major changes happen in the niners organization. The niners season is over because of Kyle and his bs play calling and Jittery G is a terrible qb. Also Kyles bs play calling keeps getting the players injured every year! Kyle and Jittery G are the main problems and both should of been gone long ago. Maybe next year and I hope by then the niners make some major changes.

  7. A win is win. Now we just need the offense to wake up

  8. Denver just won by the help of Dan Orlovsky lmao

  9. Not sure about Broncos offense 🤔😬😕🤷

  10. Not sure if it's Russell Wilson or the play calling

  11. Seems like Russell Wilson holds the ball too damn long

  12. I never seen anyone get a safety and a pick 6 in the same play

  13. Классная игра получилась…с нестандартными очковым набором это всегда интересно..!))

  14. In the voice of the late great Al Davis JUST WIN BABY!!!

  15. This and packers game probably the most boring games I was excited for smh

  16. That's what the Broncos needed, a QB and a Russell Wilson. Great game

  17. Russell is Rusty 🏈 hopefully he'll get better.

  18. What an ugly game. No highlight reel for this one.

  19. As a Seahawks fan the Russel Wilson trade is starting to look better and better.

  20. Whoever edited this video needs to be fired

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