San Francisco 49ers vs. New Orleans Saints Week 14, 2019 FULL Game -

San Francisco 49ers vs. New Orleans Saints Week 14, 2019 FULL Game

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00:00 – Start

29:32 – 2nd Quarter

1:09:19 – 3rd Quarter

1:44:51 – 4th Quarter

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  4. Its amazing the 2019 49ers were solid everywhere…and faced a Guantlet late season from week 13 Ravens, this game, a thriller vs Falcons wk15, another vs the Rams week16, and then Seahawks with everything on the line week 17. It all came down to wk17 to go 13-3 #1 Seed or 12-4 and be a 5 seed Wildcard on the road. Problem is, rewind and watch every game you see Jimmy G misreading D and leaving open guys. They'd have won the SB with a QB that could read the Chiefs D and score too much for Mahomes magic to work.

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  6. Unsung hero of this game? Witherspoon knocks out Cook who was killing the Niners secondary. He comes out and the Saints offense is completely changed.

  7. Best part of this game we didn't have to listen to Buck and Aikman

  8. marcus williams the same player who caused the miracle in Minnesota, and in this game he gives victory to San Francisco, a garbage of a player I do not know how he is still in los santos is very bad

  9. Top level talent and Xs and Os, both sides. Sean Payton and Kyle Shanahan are 2 of my favorite Off scheme, I rewind every play. The D fronts are also amazing.

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  11. Every time I watch this game, I still believe we can win it all with Jimmy G.

  12. all this just for the 49ers to choke in the super bowl

  13. This should've singlehandedly been game of the year


  15. How is Drew Bree Not the GOAT Perfect Bullet Pass to TE# 87 Jared Cook

  16. Drew Bree 1st Pass TD of game to Jared Cook same Pass Play I use in MADDEN.

  17. Taysom Hill has Played 5 Positions this Season MOST Explosive Player in the NFL

  18. I Think that Taysom Hill is the best NFL Player Ever

  19. George Kittle is the BEST BLOCKING TE OF ALL TIME.

  20. Yeah The SuperBowl was Played Here & WrestleMania 30 Was Played here when Daniel Bryan fought Randy Orton in MAIN EVENT 4 WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

  21. This game's brutal Saint's hurt Sherman 4th Q

  22. That's Drew Bree's 54th 4th Q/OT Game Winning Drive

  23. This game has me at the edge of my seat it was a awesome game. Marvelous games to watch to prepare for the season this upcoming weeks !! Let’s go !! 9ers !!!!!!

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  25. This was a great game to watch watch for a neutral fan 👏

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  28. This was the best game all year by any teams.

  29. Second best filed goal kicker off all time

  30. One of the best games a watched so sad my plane. Got canceled that would of been. A crazy game to watch

  31. 49ers didnt get a touchdown in the 3rd quarter. he was clearly out of bounds. the referees really want the 49ers to win

  32. If Jared Cook doesn't get hurt saints win this game. Another instance where saints defense let's down the team and overshadows the greatness of Brees.

  33. I started to watch football that season, and I remember this game like if it were yesterday. This game was one of the games that made me a true saints fan.

  34. wow 35-33 and STILL 5 mins in 3rd quarter

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