San Fransisco 49ers vs. Atlanta Falcons | 2022 Week 6 Game Highlights -

San Fransisco 49ers vs. Atlanta Falcons | 2022 Week 6 Game Highlights

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  1. Niners really an elite team at home and a bottom 5 team on the road so far this season.

  2. i lowkey dont like these falcons uniforms because it kinda makes them look like the browns lol

  3. If Mariota can stay healthy he’s looking at having a comeback season. That’s the downside of Mariota when he starts running all the time he gets injured a lot so cross your fingers falcon fans that he still healthy because he was constantly getting injured from running when he was a Titan.

  4. If coaches only drafted according to the systems these kids played great under in college, guys like Mariota would excel early. I never understood why coaches who run a different type of offense than what these kids are use to, why they draft these kids if they aren’t going to run the type of offense that utilizes them to the best of their abilities. That’s how I saw Mariota at Tennessee. ATL did a great job at trying to run the offense Mariota was actually a stud at one time under. Kudos to ATL offensive coordinator and Marcus 😂🤙🏾

  5. Pain or Goken2 I guess(I GOT BANNED FOR NO REASON) says:

    Oh my goodness they actually didn't choke

  6. Thank you Jimmy for another crappy game. I really thought you were going to get sacked in the in-zone there and give Atlanta another 2 points.

  7. My man Kyle Pitts did the dirty bird for the touchdown dance. Classic.

  8. They can't open up the offense because they don't trust Jimmy. I have never seen SF throw a bomb downfield eventhough they have speed. They keep it as conservative as possible so Jimmy doesn't make mistakes.

  9. Not to down play mariota but SF was down 9 defensive starters

  10. The falcons didn't choke, so there doing something right

  11. As a true niner fan I was sad that we loss like this but we needed this now we go beat the stanking ass lucky ass chiefs.

  12. Jimmy go get that dub brother. Chiefs niners 30 33

  13. Wow. That was the most complete game I have seen the falcons play IN YEARS!!!!!!

  14. Falcons probably have the best throwback unis I've seen 👌🏾👌🏾

  15. Those uniforms are more than beautiful

  16. idk why but Mariota looks so much faster then he did when he was on the titans

  17. I can watch these re-runs all day long! Also, love the red helmets, and even better if it had the new Falcon emblem which would look great too for a standard helmet…you listening…Arthur Blank?!?

  18. This game was amazing to watch.

    The throwback uniforms made it ever better

  19. As a Ram's fan, I just want the Niners to loose every game. Can't stand SF…

  20. Gotta salute my dirty birds. RISING up little by little.

  21. Mariota had ONE incompletion at the 14 minute mark in the FOURTH quarter??? 🤯

  22. Is this guy doing an Ian Eagle impression?

  23. Long suffering Jet fan here. Enjoyed watching the Falcons play so well and look like a playoff team especially with those awesome uniforms. I wish the Jets would return to the classic 60s look. So many awesome uniforms from that era.

  24. wouldnt think falcons v niners would be a potential playoff matchup but here we are

  25. 49ers had 11 starters out not surprised they lost

  26. Special teams at 6:30 was absolutely beautiful.

    Legitimately beautiful.

  27. Marcus bent the 9ers over and bang bang that buddy

  28. The Atlanta Falcons got it done at Home against that 49ers Defense, the 49ers got the Number one Ranked Defense in the NFL.

  29. I’m glad Mariota is doing good but the real thing you guys need to look at is the fact that Arthur Smith is a great coach

  30. Bo Scarbrough we need to get some running backs to 49ers ASAP

  31. We not 49ers without a run game facts are run helped are defense rest and most of all it helped are QB

  32. Falcons deserve another SB championship game and rings.

  33. 28 to 14 come on now yes suck just saying it's all plugged in y'all better win cuz you suck bro I swear

  34. Troy Anderson is the not man for our linebackers We need a new leadership core in the LB System

  35. Week 6

    Falcons def. 49ers 28-14!!!! 🏈


    Jaylin Hawkins' "Scoop and Score" an Touchdown down to 14-0 🏈

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