Scoring a Touchdown on Every Madden EVER (1988-2022) -

Scoring a Touchdown on Every Madden EVER (1988-2022)

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The hardest challenge in gaming history, I attempt to score a touchdown on every Madden ever created – from 1988-2022. Over 30 years of madden games in one video. Wish me luck.

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Today, we follow the evolution of the Madden NFL Franchise as we score a touchdown from retro version 1988 – the first Madden created, to 2021 – the mode recent Madden. We’ll be able to track and get my reaction to graphics and gameplay from each year and from game to game – console to console.

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  1. Madden 94 was my first madden.. and I played it till my thumbs were red

  2. I have depression issues rbt helps me when I feel like killing myself thankyou rbt😑

  3. Omg I never got so mad at somebody trying to self catch in the early Madden's like it's a modern Madden, bruh you gotta let them catch them immediately take control and do your 'ish I mean even common sense would welp should tell you that…. *Turn your brain on playboy…😂🤣😂

  4. The Titan New York used to be the New York Jets

  5. Is that Jesus🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. I still think John Madden Football 1988 is still better than Madden 23

  7. Madden '03
    -That was the best performance by David Carr's O-Line ever.

  8. Ultimate team is awesome what do you mean granted the matchmaking is quite broken but it has its moments

  9. RBT The Titans of new York were the jets before they were given the "Jets" Name I'm a fan of the jets

  10. Stop screaming man. You're too annoying and way like too much emotion it comes off fake. Shh please ur giving me a headache.

  11. Why the fuck did the Seahawks sign Matt Hassleback again? I was only 3 years old at the time.

  12. RIP John madden gone but not forgotten!🙏🙏🙏🙏

  13. Pretty sure the Johnson that was in Madden 2001 was Chad Ochocinco

  14. Am I the only one that thought gardener minshew has Patrick Mahomes

  15. Was looking forward to watching the progression of Madden games here, buuuuut I couldn't take the guys voice lol

  16. Madden 1988 to 1999 looks better then 2000

  17. Watching you play the Sega/SNES versions of the game was making me want to cry.

  18. Lol, ive owned all these. I remember thinking how realistic madden '92 was. Lol. Great job. Earned a sub

  19. So I like your videos but can you tone it down a little bit when something goes your way? Making my ears bleed.. and probably my neighbors as well.

  20. EDIT ON 6/29/21: 1 MILLION VIEWS!! Thank you guys so much. If you’re an aspiring YouTuber, this is a prime example of busting your ass to make a great video and it executing just like you planned.

    On a serious note, your support on this video would mean a ton. Liking, commenting and sharing would help SO MUCH! Easily the most work I've ever put into a video. Over 3ish weeks on this one upload. Probably over 60ish hours of work total.

    It's 6:02am I am now GOING TO SLEEP GOODNIGHT

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