Scoring a Touchdown on EVERY NCAA Football Game EVER! -

Scoring a Touchdown on EVERY NCAA Football Game EVER!

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In this NCAA Football video, I’ll be scoring a touchdown in every NCAA Football game, from NCAA 98 to NCAA 14! This is the evolution of the NCAA Football Series!

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  1. Darren McFadden and Ndomakong Suh are the two biggest Heisman snubs of the past 20 years

  2. Florida State : Weinke to Warrick! Oh the Good Old Days..

  3. A slept in feature in NCAA 14 was being able to use real world weather for play now games, a la actual cold weather games without snow.

  4. Campus legend was so cool def always a QB

  5. 2006 is the best!!! The NCAA started to restrict EA Sports on what they could do with the game around 2008 I think

  6. i remember being so dissapointed with NCAA 08 & Madden on the 360. '09 was a sensation, though

  7. how did you not use cam freaking newton!?

  8. 2001 Florida State number 16 was Chris Weinke 81 was Peter Warrick number 8 for Oklahoma 2002 quarterback Sam Bradford. And to finally answer your question number 22 for Oklahoma was Quentin Griffin

  9. You should do touchdowns with Heisman winners in every NCAA.

  10. Nostalgia! I miss playing with a FCS / 1-AA schools and getting them to FBS level.

  11. Florida won NC 06. 08 NOT EVEN A MENTION

  12. Bill Walsh and College Football USA were far better than the NCAA brand gams.

  13. Funny that you said you didnt know the players while playing w a legendary FSU team lmao. Snoop Minnis, Peter Warrick, Travis Minor, Chris Weinke, Anquan Boldin…

  14. I still have all the NCAA EA Sports versions on PS3. Madden games also

  15. Who remembers people using West Virginia online only because of Pat White?

  16. Dude it’s NCAA 06 and you don’t remember the players? Lmao come on my guy! #4 is Holmes. QB you should have started #10 as that is Troy smith. RB was pitman lol

  17. QB for Florida State in 2000 was Chris Weinke

  18. 22 RB for OU Quentin Griffin 8 QB Nate Hyble

  19. #21 for those Miami Hurricanes was James Jackson. Magahee came along a few years later and he was #2.

  20. I was playing ncaa basketball 🏀 on super nes in 94' no b.s

  21. I remember my buddies and I plating madden and ncaa. We would do tournaments everybody would pick a team and play them through their brackets. The Ncaa tournaments were always better

  22. Fun fact that fb#22 for Arkansas who u had the kick return wit Peyton hillis

  23. #22 for Arkansas on NCAA 2008 is Peyton Hillis.

  24. Ncaa games always felt like they had more heart put into them than madden. I could be biased bc im much more of a cfb fan than nfl but from all my experiences playing these games over the years ncaa always was more fun

  25. Am I the only one bothered by him calling the circle button the “O” button??

  26. 2002 #22 Oklahoma was Quentin Griffin QB #8 was Nate Hybl and I think the TD was to number 6 Antwone Savage

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