Scoring A Touchdown with Cam Newton in EVERY Football Game! NCAA 08 - Madden 22 -

Scoring A Touchdown with Cam Newton in EVERY Football Game! NCAA 08 – Madden 22

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In this Madden 22 video, I’ll be scoring a touchdown with Cam Newton in every football video game. From NCAA 08 to Madden 22 current day! For more Madden 22 gameplay, news, tips and tricks, money plays & more…be sure to subscribe! #Madden22

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  1. Do a video where you score a TD with the worst rated skill position player over the last 15 maddens

  2. You don't remember Philly brown?, dude was pretty fast, he started getting hurt and I think that was the end of him

  3. Man you should do derek carr. With how many different vets and bad receivers that would be a challenge.

  4. can you do a tom brady one of these please i am subscribed

  5. Score a touchdown with my personal favorite player drew brees in every madden he was in. (I know he is retired now)

  6. Seeing CFB video game make my heart hurt

  7. “You don’t see cam stoned walled very often”

    Meanwhile: Cam Jordan is sacking him on almost every drive 😂😂

  8. I remember that auburn team like the back of my hand Ontario mccaleb kodi burns darvin adams Phillip lutz(rip) Michael dyer etc. Nick fairley was on defense omg war damn eagle.

  9. The fact you didn’t recreate the clay Matthews wheel route against Green Bay makes me sad

  10. Darnold rated higher then Newton ? Madden need to stop making madden

  11. Yo the o line problem was literally the story that year lol that’s how he got hurt

  12. Why did you stop use your face cam I like it

  13. Florida Cam looks like he has had way too many Cheeseburgers LoL!

  14. love the commentary man. very knowledgeable

  15. Have you ever done Touchdown with Eli Manning yet in every Madden NFL game?

  16. The score bar placement in Madden 12 is annoying.

  17. The disrespect they did to his madden character

  18. The disrespect they did to his madden character

  19. Can you do a Tim Tebow? He was the best dual threat QB to do it even though his career was cut short I still think it’d be an interesting video

  20. Can you try to score a touchdown with Steve Smith in ever madden he was in

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