Seattle Seahawks vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2022 Week 16 Game Preview -

Seattle Seahawks vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2022 Week 16 Game Preview

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  1. It’s gonna be another offense vs offense game with how our secondary is looking

  2. Chiefs keep getting these trap games…
    Mahomes should easily carve them up for 324yrds 3tds
    Chiefs 35
    Seahawks 27

  3. I got KC taking care of business at home and continuing to put pressure on Buffalo to win out in the race for the 1 seed.

  4. Chiefs will win big no turn overs. Home field advantage at Arrowhead. Run run run this Saturday. Bills lose at Chicago.

  5. As a Seahawks fan, I'm hoping we can pull of this upset to possibly us in prime position of the playoffs. Much respect to KC, this a game I've been very much looking forward too! Hoping we get the win, let's go 12's and hawks! Seahawks 27-24 Cheifs.

  6. The way Seahawks defense is playing, it´s going to be a bloodbath, Mahomes is going to put a 50 piece, minimum.

  7. They are going to Lose …. the seahwaks that is

  8. I ain't got much to say but let's go KC let's get the W

  9. Seattle is desperate 😅. They were in the playoffs but not. That's y'all fault for not taking care of your business. Go KC

  10. The chiefs have to win it, the next two games are more than won DEN, LV 🤣🤣🤣 I hope they win with SEA, so it's 14-7, like in 2020

  11. I know the Cheifs will probably win, but as a Seahawks fanI need Seattle to win to win to keep their playoff hopes alive

  12. Nothing against the Hawks, but I hope they lose. I want to to see the lions in the playoffs instead

  13. The 2 loudest NFL fan bases w 2 great offenses and 2 garbage defenses. Sounds fun.


    Proverbs 16:6
    By mercy and truth iniquity is purged: and by the fear of the LORD men depart from evil.

  15. Seattle biggest problem is the run defense. They should win this.

  16. Lions fans needing the Chiefs to win big time

  17. I hope the Kansas City Chiefs win against Seattle because it gives more of a chance for my Green Bay Packers to sneak into the playoffs.

  18. Sadly i have this as a loss prove me wrong Seattle we got this even if we lose it'll be a battle

  19. Seahawks fan since 1982. Gotta go with my boys. Seattle 24-20

  20. Chiefs think they are smash us…huh we will see.

  21. For the Chiefs to have all those penalties and turnovers last week but still win? Amazing team not to mention Mhomes! As long as the Chiefs don't beat themselves, the Seahawks are toast.

  22. Correction 4th in the league for Sacks not 7th

  23. Seahawks defense is worse and Chiefs offense is better, so it will be a clear win for the Chiefs.

  24. Boy the Chiefs defense really sucks and I mean they suck bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. if hawks can contain kelce they have a chance

  26. Fun to read those comments….guess most of them pro athletics are much better then a lot of those commenting here….i mean they r playin and u? Well enough of that….merry christmas all over the world to you and your beloved ones stay healthy

  27. No one can beat the Chiefs besides themselves. Turnovers, 💩 special teams, and on down the line. It's what they've been dealing with all year. If they can figure out how to play a good clean game they'll make it pretty far with that qb.

  28. Am I the only one wish we still had Charvarius after watching him lock up DK last week?

  29. Bro, DK played a rough game vs San Fransisco, they ain't stopping Kelce or Juju without Bobby.

  30. I feel like everybody is Chiefs fan,I been a Seahawk fan since I was 4

  31. Love u hawks, but yall getting killed lol.

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