Seattle Seahawks vs. New Orleans Saints | 2022 Week 5 Game Highlights -

Seattle Seahawks vs. New Orleans Saints | 2022 Week 5 Game Highlights

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  1. the fact that the saints still dont start taysom is mind blowing. Andy dalton, is washed up, and has been consistently awful. take him out

  2. Geno smith should have a job next year if it not in Seattle

  3. Maybe we could trade coach Dennis Allen for Joe Burrow?

  4. Seahawks aren’t missing Wilson at all. They are missing the 11 defensive guys. High school caliber players. If they had a bit better they could be 5 and 0. Whoever drafts these guys should be fired.

  5. the replay cut out Olave's injury??? i wanna see it, after the Tua injury that was replayed over and over on tv i wanna see other players too, it's interesting! come on man

  6. A punter not punting… Hill running the ball – what a surprise… Seattle defensive no-show – again…
    Very hard to see all this nonsense from the Hawks this year. Maybe you should not!
    Is that their special way of tanking or just always shooting themselves in the foot?

  7. I was in awe at both of those deep throws from Smith that fit perfectly into Lockett's stride. Those are throws that you dream about making in a Madden game and he just casually drops 2 of them in the real deal.

  8. This was heck of a game very fun to watch as a non fan of either team both teams playing well

  9. Man i really expected/hoped more from Trequan Smith. He really hasn't turned out how i thought. Bit of a disappointment

  10. Let Taysom have the job. Dude busts his tail every chance he gets and I think he’s earned it.

  11. The new Orleans Swiss army knife is at it again.

  12. Hill needs to more involved Jamie's isn't doing much maybe his injuries are hamper but that one two of Kamara and Hill looks unstoppable

  13. Knew it wouldn't be long before Winston lost his job. No need to fake an injury, everyone knows you're not a great quarterback. They expect to win. Can't believe the Buccaneers wasted so many years on you. They got rid of you and went straight to a super bowl. Face it dude, you just don't have what it takes.

  14. hawks literally threw by allowing hill to break away 3 times for a TD. seattles def needs to work on their defense next season

  15. Dalton is 1000% better than Jameis Winston, this is frustrating, keep the Red Rocket in New Orleans, please!

  16. Definitely wasn't the ingredients. Seattle kitchen putting out bangers.

  17. So glad my 1st time going to a game my team wins!

  18. Donkey Kong Metcalf is a beast. Reminds me of TO

  19. That last run by hill was nice he ran that same okay 3 times defense still couldn’t stop it

  20. Woodlen fast then a mf caught up with tayson hill in a straight line not cutting off the field

  21. I would’ve never believe I’d say this at the start of this season…. “I wish I had geno on my team”

  22. I'm a die hard giants fan but I have to admit right now taysom hill is my favorite player based on what he's gone through to get where he is and he just so much fun to watch

  23. Давно не смотрел игры Saints. У них всё без перемен – команда держится на атаке. Х-фактор – Тайллер Хилл! Бегущий квотербек – это не ново. Но Хилл в этом амплуа особенно хорош, уж в этом матче точно. И я рад, что Камара в строю и в полном порядке. Хилл и Камара сделали решительный вклад в успех Saints.

    Игра защиты Seahawks расстраивает. Допустили несколько long play и не справились с выносом от Хилла.

    В атаке Смит всё-таки неплох, я был неправ. Этот парень способен делать классные передачи и парочка результативных deep pass стала украшением матча! Опять же очень хорош Локетт на приёме.
    В атаке Seahawks не хватает эффективной вариативности – нет стабильного продуктивного выноса, а пасовая игра не всегда успешна

    Игра меня порадовала. Перестрелка равных команд, которым едва ли удастся всерьез побороться выход в плей-офф

    p.s. У Saints мне понравилась реализация илки с активным применением двух QB, когда каждый из них используется в наиболее подходящей для данного QB игровой ситуации! Теперь мне интересно последить за Saints в этом сезоне

  24. Thanks for doing the replays of the big plays!

  25. Seahawks got away with a big hold on the left tackle for the touchdown before the half

  26. Never thought i'd the saints have a good qb and it's Dalton

  27. This man Taysom is elite bro also playing fullback yo

  28. If I become an NFL/MLS ref, do I get a bunch of that sweet bet money? 🤔

  29. Wow. The attendants sure got their money's worth!

  30. Geno Smith is lowkey playing at a pro bowl level..

  31. I wish Taysom could have had the chance at quarterback that Andy Dalton is getting now. You know, without continuous negativity from Winston lovers, BYU haters, and the media. No wonder Dalton is doing so well.

  32. Yay son at QB, no receivers, no running back, everyone watching knows he’s going to run it, and he busts a 60 yard TD. Legend.

  33. It's a bit pity. Seahawks had a good chance to win.

  34. The most underrated player in the nfl is hill and he puts the numbers everyway

  35. Amazing how Kamara isn't sitting in prison right now.

  36. Lord he drops bombs to Lockett like Russell use to 😢 bitter sweet

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