Should College Football Games be Shortened? | CFB Rule Changes | CFB -

Should College Football Games be Shortened? | CFB Rule Changes | CFB

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David Smoak, Paul Catalina, and Craig Smoak discuss potential rule changes in college football that would speed to the game up, if this is a good idea for the growth of college football, and more.

With David Smoak, Paul Catalina, and Craig Smoak!

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  1. In 1990, players weren't running OOB for the sake of running OOB.In 1990 there was far less passing.Both contribute to today's game being much longer…plus tv review plays..All this means staggeringly long games.Run clock after ball is set on 1/10 OOB and after INC….and modify it back to traditional timing last 2min.

  2. The problem is the 'man in red' coming out for 4 minute breaks. Way too long for commercial breaks. If you've ever been to a game you know the dreaded man in red and his darn clock. Great discussion guys!

  3. The issue with the length of college football games begins and ends with television. 60 Minutes is the same today as it’s been since it was instituted. The issue is too many commercials, and TV timeouts that stop the enthusiasm in the stadium and bore the television viewer. The immediate solution is to limit the amount of commercials, as well as have picture in picture. Let’s allowed to play on the field to define when we go to commercial versus the networks

  4. Cut some commercials……Cut some commercials……..Cut some commercials

  5. At halftime, only let the home team band perform on the field. The visiting band can show up but only play in the stands.

  6. Why play at all? Too many commercials, injury time outs, etc. The focus should be on the game, not what so many want to sell.

  7. Commercial kickoff commercial touchdown commercial xp commercial kickoff commercial!

  8. No they shouldn't. They're gonna destroy the game and lose viewers by the millions.

  9. 2 and 3 are very good, 1 is fine. Then shorten halftime to 15 minutes, plus reducing media breaks.

    One of my friends always watches games on delay, not even beginning them until halftime. Skip breaks, reviews, injuries, and halftime and you reach the end of the game about on time.

  10. 60-90 second time clock for reviews.

  11. Keep the clock running after penalties as well.

  12. High School football in Texas uses ncaa rules, other states use national federation rules. And in blow out games using federation rules the white hat can go to both head coaches and implement a running clock. NCAA rules don't allow for that.

  13. Football AND basketball games are way too long and boring at times due to all the stoppage of play such as reviews. They should limit it to each team gets 1 challenge in a half to overturn a controversial call on the field. Reviews are ruining the game.

  14. You could…shorten each quarter by 1 minute

  15. The review process could be shortened considerably if there was an official in the booth looking at the footage instead of the field guy running over and looking at a screen. Most of the time the tv viewers already know the likely outcome before the field official even gets in position to watch the play!

  16. The problem with making all these rule changes is no one seems to know what the rules are now.
    Start with eliminating TV time outs. Soccer does it. Volleyball does it. Split screening ads into lulls in action works great.
    If they have 7 commercial time outs per half. Average five minutes per break. That is 1 hour 10 minutes sliced off a game. Solved.

  17. What does it matter? The networks have already destroyed the game.

  18. There are waaaay too many replay reviews. Get rid of replay except for the final two minutes of the game. Get rid of the targetting rule and mandatory review of that as well.

  19. No. They already already start the clock after a first down way quicker than they used to. Stop trying to make CFB into the NFL

  20. Here are two suggestions. Stop automatically reviewing every score. Stop automatically reviewing every targeting.

    That’ll save a significant amount of time.

  21. Like others have said if they really cared about games going too long they'd shorten the amount of commercial breaks. I guarantee you the game times on CBS will be just about the same. Hey a guy has a cramp on the field go to commercials. 3 and out then commercials. Extra point then commercials. Kickoff then commercials. come back with only 20 seconds left in the quarter to only have time for one more play before going to more commercials. Team calls timeout more commercials. Reviewing a play go to more commercials. It's absolutely disgusting how many times we have to watch the same phone, insurance, and banking commercials.

  22. These ideas are terrible. They can just shorten the halftimes if they are so obsessed with speeding up a game, it would put the time of the games almost equal to the NFL. These rules are so bad.

  23. The first two rules, like you said, are only going to affect a few games, so why do we need them? It won't drastically reduce the time, and it just takes away strategy from coaches, which hurts the game. The third rule will lead to more teams going super turbo and getting hurt after plays, it won't have a significant effect on stopping injuries, if anything creating more injuries. And the fourth rule is just absolutely dumb.

  24. No just no to all of this shorten halftime

  25. I have a better idea to "shorten" games. Ban "TV" timeouts.
    Also, the 20 minute halftime rule could actually be enforced, meaning that the whistle would sound for the second half kickoff immediately following the 20 minute period.

    Finally, under the current TV timeout setup, there is no need at the stadium for a halftime for the fans to visit concessions or restrooms, as that is what the unending "TV" timeouts are for.

    The reason that Divisions II and III will oppose these rules is that they have no need of them, because they don't have "TV" timeouts.

    The stuff about lawsuits and player safety is just cover. TV is driving the bus, and wants shorter games together with more time for commercials. Who are these games played for? The players? No. The fans? No. TV big shots? You bet!

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