Southern Jaguars vs. Jackson State Tigers | Full Game Highlights -

Southern Jaguars vs. Jackson State Tigers | Full Game Highlights

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Jackson State picks up a 35-0 victory at home against Southern. Shedeur Sanders threw for 1 TD and ran in two others for the Tigers, who are now 8-0 in the 2022 college football season.

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  1. That man pulled a cam newton. He could have dove for that fumble

  2. 🗣️ who ain’t SWAC? 😂🙌🏾🥳

  3. Lets all just appreciate all the effort he puts in his vids while hurricane Ian is near, you are one of the greatest youtuber ever Ian! 🙁 :-/

  4. I am a vietnamese born Canadian.

    I love hockey and baseball.

    I love sports.

    What coach prime is doing, let me tell you….its international.

    I have ZERO interest in football, I have ZERO knowledge of football.

    I only know what people talk about in sports, and this man is changing LIVES.

    Keep it up. I've followed you since covid because I had nothing else to read.

    You have my ATTENTION.

  5. Kevin Coleman Jr is always blocking well. He's been consistent with it all season. Pay attention to him.

  6. Jackson state offense yall need to act a fool when the opposing team go out the way to ruff up your quarterback 😤 walk it like you talk it,not saying nothing stupid but don't let them push you or your team mate around playing you weak …

  7. we need sanders to come play qb for the raiders

  8. My favorite thing about this game is the soldiers in the end zone hyped

  9. #7 for SU was getting worked by everybody lol


  11. JSU recorded a SHUT OUT dayum ,Southern you could get a dam 3 pt field goal just go ahead call it a season y'all cooked😂.

  12. Gahhhhhhhhllllllyyyyyyy!!!! 😮 After that trash talking got their behinds handed to them

  13. I asked.. "who's that dude on defense.. they aren't saying his name… #45

  14. Found shilo.. #21 was looking for him ²..

  15. Love JSU ❤ and Prime and ooooo primes gonna be an NFL head coach one day watch bc he is 🔥

  16. Shedaur sanders is faster then what i thought he can really run made that 40 yard scamper look like a cake walk

  17. A&M would give Deion a $150 million dollar deal at this point

  18. Just commented so it’s not 666 comments

  19. Talk all Dat shii and got blowed out

  20. I like that he's setting the bar for how to coach all around the league, not even just football

  21. Game had more views than the games that were on ESPN1 lol

  22. My lil bro pulled a Cam Newton not diving for that fumble and got taken out LOL

  23. That last catch highlight should’ve been all over espn. Bro got 2 feet and 2 hands on that ball. Crazy

  24. Reminds me of Marshall at this level keep it up and ur conference USA bound lol …same Marshall that beat Notre Dame

  25. Deon has these guys playing inspired football. Man this team is fun to watch!

  26. They did all that talking just to get shut out.

  27. Rooting for Jackson State. HC Sanders is a one man life changer for HBCUs. AWESOME!

  28. Where is southern at talking all that mess aint score a point

  29. 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, ESPN and now College Game Day coverage. Jackson States Recruitment is going to be bonkers. Great Stuff

  30. JSU was dominant and humbled that opposing team who was talking smack and being disrespectful. Teach them humility and beat the brakes off them respectfully.

  31. I would like to see FAMU get another shot vs. JSU

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