Spring football is back — Colin Cowherd unveils the 8 teams in the new USFL | THE HERD - ishmargames.com

Spring football is back — Colin Cowherd unveils the 8 teams in the new USFL | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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Spring Football is back in April, and Colin Cowherd reveals the 8 original teams that are in the United States Football League, along with their logos. Watch as Colin explains why he’s here for the USFL, and what this will mean for professional sports.

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Spring football is back — Colin Cowherd unveils the 8 teams in the new USFL | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd


  1. Are they still going to use old USFL footage for Television Print Ads?

  2. Wait so these teams will not play in their own stadiums? So all of them are playing in one city?

  3. I read/heard that it is a bubble league to be played in Birmingham. How can I get enthusiastic if my team is playing where I am not jumping on a plane to see them?? I HOPE I am WRONG.

  4. The XFL and USFL are basically just division 2 for professional football like how it is for football.

  5. Damn there's a lot of red teams as a Packers fan whos favorite color is green before I knew what football is we need some other color teams

  6. Fox is making their own league so they don’t have to pay for tv rights

  7. Houston Gamblers gonna be the best out of these teams

  8. My god these team nicknames and colors are awful. Why are they all red and yellow?

  9. Should this USFL start making inroads, they should start absorbing some of the teams that played recently in the XFL and AAF. Heck, they should even absorb some of the US/Canadian teams that were in the early 1990s WLAF. We could start seeing almost as many teams in this new league as we find in the NFL, with a number of different, non-NFL-as-of-yet, cities being represented of course.

  10. 2:52… Philadelphia Stars. When this league first came out in 1983, my team was the Stars, even though I liked Herschel Walker. As an Eagles fan, GO STARS GO!!! Gotta stump for Philly!

  11. 2:48… and he's STILL President to those of us who voted for him!

  12. Out of the 8 teams shown, six (6) are USFL originals: Generals, Stars, Bandits, Breakers (they were the Boston Breakers when the league began), Stallions, and Panthers; the Maulers and Gamblers joined the league the next season.

  13. What is this background music. I love it

  14. XfL was good until covid struck but I really wish San Antonio had some kind of football team

  15. I am excited for this! I hate the time in-between where football is over and there is nothing to watch. I can’t get into other sports like I do with football. So this will be nice to watch until the NFL comes back. 8 months is a long time without football 😭

  16. all the same color. No west coast representation. This already threw me off

  17. Go gamblers, bandits and maulers and breakers. Xfl was killing it and shall return I hope Usfl and xfl work together. But in conclusion spring football can work xfl 2 as doing good till covid BS. One more thing the older Usfl was doing good until they went against ncaa football and nfl which was suicide. Leave them be and they should do fine. Stay in spring and leave fall alone.

  18. This league is going to make it. The operation staff alone speaks volumes. I would love to see more teams like Memphis, St Louis, Little Rock, and Oklahoma City have a chance to get a USFL franchise. These cities can and will support a franchise IMO.

  19. If this league succeeds I think a game can come of it to rival madden. Imo

  20. "Some of these names may be familiar to you." Colin, ALL of these names are familiar. Let's bring the great names from the old USFL out to kick these teams off.

  21. Hey Colin you actually know something for once🤩

  22. I as a football team fan am excited for this to happen

  23. The thing I like about this is they have a history and way better names then the XFL. XFL's best name was the St Louis Battlehawks. And I remember people were confused about that name at first. AAF with the Commodores, Fleet and the Iron were good too. All of USFLs teams are solid. They just need to make new names for San Diego and St. Louis when they expand. Those markets deseve teams.

    Maybe they can buy the AAF and use those team names. Use Hotshots for St Louis and Fleet for San Diego lol

  24. Pumped about the USFL being back! Hopefully they end up bringing back the Oakland Invaders at some point. 👍

  25. Strictly Nfl rules are kinda disappointing. I wish they did some new things in order to test it out. The xfl had it right with the realtime replays. Aaf had no kickoffs. No onside kicks, but a 4th and long to convert which was interesting. Not sure all new stuff will work, but might as well try.

  26. I’m pumped for the USFL! Eventually, sooner rather than later, they need to get a video game made! Something that captures the younger audience and gets them involved.

  27. This looks great!

    It’s going to fold in nanoseconds, isn’t it?

  28. I loved the USFL back in the 80s but this new one is DUMB. Cities are always BEGGING for an NFL franchise, so why are 7/8 of these teams in an NFL town? Why not in San Diego, St Louis, Austin, Columbus, San Anton, San Jose, Louisville, etc.

  29. I wonder if eventually as years go on they'll expand and make new divisions my grandpa had a ticket for the old USFL in 1983 for Chicago Blitz maybe Chicago and NY get teams in the future

  30. Honestly, after watching a couple videos of this I'm pretty interested and willing to watch.

  31. if they say that they want to compete with the nfl, then pay them nfl money, otherwise make this league minor

  32. I'm all for this league. I was around back when the first USFL in the 80's happened. To me, it was breath of fresh air to have more pro football and not to always have to wait until the Fall for the old, stale NFL to play. I hope next year you add more teams. And please keep Donald Trump out of and away from the USFL this time. He is one of the major reasons it failed before, trying to move it to the Fall and going head to head with the NFL. THAT was a major mistake. There were others that helped ruin it too, but he stands out as one of the catalysts for its demise. Damn shame too.

  33. Why is no one highlighting the elephant in the room? There's this thing called the WEST COAST. All of these teams are centered in the east and the furthest team west is in Texas of all places…

  34. Geezus, 6 out of 8 are red. Can you fix this?

  35. Let's go New Jersey has a team about time
    I'm getting a Jersey

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