Super Bowl 51 FULL GAME: New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons -

Super Bowl 51 FULL GAME: New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons

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00:00 – Start

19:58 – 2nd Quarter

59:24 – 3rd Quarter

1:33:50 – 4th Quarter

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  1. As an older man that worked for the Patriots in the 70s and 80s this game to me is by far the best NFL game ever played. I’m sure as a Patriots fan I may be biased ? But I have never watched a better game in my lifetime

  2. I just watched the game without knowing the score best game 🙂

  3. Won a substantial amount of money taking the pats -3 at halftime.

  4. I just have to say these Falcons uniforms are way better than the new ones

  5. Even near the end of the third quarter it looks pretty hopeless for NE. Even when there is about 4 minutes left in the game, it looks very bad for NE. LOL

  6. I've been watching football since 1964 best game ever played ( forget 1958 Colts vs Giants)

  7. Evidently Matt Ryan has never recovered he will never return to a super bowl again, this will abs has haunted them for the rest of their career

  8. Such a potent offense the Falcons had that year

  9. I remember this as my 12th ever super bowl I've ever watched. And it was made one to remember by one number 12

  10. this is more on the falcons than anything else…. second half play calling was just straight up pass after pass, saving the game clock…. defensively they just sat back and got complacent thinking it was over…. thanks falcons…

  11. Malcolm Mitchell doesn't get enough love. He was huge in this game.


  13. A quaterback displays GREAT trust in his linemen when he doesn't ABANDON the pocket,but stays PUT until the last moment and fires a 30-yard STRIKE to the open receiver cutting across the middle!! Brady and Fouts were SUPERB at this!! This quality was a large part of the Patriots ability to emerge victorious here!!

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  15. The final play of regulation, at 2:14:32, would have been the greatest play in sports history if Deion Lewis hadn't literally broken his leg in half the moment he turned up field. I believe he had a minor heart attack when he saw that he had 5 or 6 blockers and little but open grass in front of him, and this distracted him so much that he actually forgot how to run for a second. In fact, I believe that the moment he took that fateful step, our universe branched in two, and, unfortunately, we ended up in the lesser of the timelines where this is a completely forgotten play. I believe it's the most underrated, most interesting play of all time, and I wish somebody would do one of those meticulous "Deep Dive" videos about it. The fake knee. chef's kiss Brilliant. (PS: I'm a diehard Packers fan but game recognize game.)

  16. Why does YouTube blast that volume up on commercials?

  17. Falcons are make us cry every game what s happening?

  18. Makes it even sadder for me, a non-Falcons fan, after watching the nearly 7 hour Youtube Docuseries by Secret Base about the Atlanta Falcons and how all they went through led up to this.

  19. I know what the patriots favorite food is Cheetos

  20. 1:43:20. I know the comeback already started, and so many things had to happen perfectly for the patriots before and after this moment. But this is when it changed from "padding the final score" to legit comeback threat

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  22. i'm sorry Ryan, u are a great QB, but a QB w balls would have changed the play call in the last drive, i mean "just run the ball and win the game scr*w the OC"

  23. Seahawks should’ve ran the ball

    Oh wait wrong game

  24. God works in mysterious ways, but the devil signs his work.

  25. Can’t believe belichick push Brady out the door after this game.

  26. "never been a return for touchdown in super bowl history" ummm Devin Hester?

  27. Tom Brady will have many chapters in his career to write about. But this is his greatest. For me it completely encapsulates everything about who he is. Nobody believed in him except himself and his family. As a teenager he was overlooked until they had no choice in high school. In college his own coach tried to replace him with a flashy kid. He held that kid, Drew Henson, off. Despite winning a major bowl game as a senior he was taken as the 7th QB in his own draft at pick 199. His coach that drafted him didn't even know what he had. Nobody did.

    Except Brady.

    The previous largest Super Bowl deficit overcome was 10 points, one Brady just overcame in 2015 during Super Bowl 49. This was 25 points with 22 minutes to go. And yet, for some reason, Brady led his 53 players and coaches to a win. Why? Because even if he isn't the most talented athlete, he's the most mentally intact athlete. He is the epitome of leadership and will. He didn't even have Gronkowski in this game. He was throwing to two guys who would be out of the league within less than 3 years at critical moments to tie and then win the game.
    On top of that, his family was struggling with his matriarch being diagnosed with cancer. His mother's cancer fight played extra motivation for his own fight. I'm sure it did. Nobody was stopping this man from achieving his goals in life. Nothing was successful in stopping it earlier. Unlike Thanos, Brady is truly inevitable. Many were surprised when he succeeded in leading this comeback. Anyone who knows him well shouldn't be by now. This is what he does. This is the culture he helps cultivate. A winning culture.

    We are lucky to have witnessed this, that is, unless you like the Jets, Bills, Falcons, Dolphins or Colts I suppose.

  28. The holding call against the Falcons at towards end of 3 quarter inside Patriots 30 yard line was very pivotal. If Falcons score TD here there is most likely no comeback. The problem with the call is its non-existent and the timing it was thrown is very suspicious. Anyone who has played football for organized league will see what I'm getting at. I am referring to the drive after the failed onside kick.

  29. Why wouldn’t they keep running the ball to run the clock when they were at the 23 yd line? Would’ve used all NE time outs and been up two possessions with only a couple minutes left. This is what makes me think this shits all staged. Should’ve been an easy close out but noooo that’s not exciting enough we have to let the patriots have a chance at a comeback

  30. 28-3 I thought it would be the most embarrassing loss ever.
    I wasn't wrong.

  31. 28 to 9 at the start of the 4th quarter.

  32. Not a pats fan but I always come back to rewatch this game. So thrilling

  33. Can't believe Ryan took that sack knocking them into deep field goal range, then committing a holding call!!! Why are coaches wearing grey hair…?

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