Super Bowl 52 FULL Game: New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles -

Super Bowl 52 FULL Game: New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles

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00:00 – Start

27:51 – 2nd Quarter

1:13:52 – 3rd Quarter

1:44:37 – 4th Quarter

2:16:35 – Brandon Graham Strip Sack Eagles Recover

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  1. I still want to know why Malcolm Butler was benched.

  2. Being a Cowboys fan born in the late 90s who doesn't like the Patriots = the most satisfying Super Bowls I ever watched were won by the (2007/2011) Giants and (2017) Eagles

  3. Even though I'm a Vikings fan this is easily one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time!

  4. And with this win the every team in the NFC East has a Super Bowl Championship! Only Division to currently do so.

  5. Philly Special turned out to be spectacular!

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  7. We all thought Mr. Bill b was the brains of the Pats. But obviously not. It was Brady all along. Patriots are not a good team even with Bill. Sorry Bill.

  8. Been a huge Brady fan since the mid 2000s. Took me 3.5 years to sit down and watch this. Still hurts and can’t believe Belichick threw this game out of spite for Brady 😔

  9. I saw this game and when the shoes one I couldn’t sleep that night because they actually won it

  10. Foles was insane this game…they would not have won this with Wentz

  11. I also met Michael Kendrick’s and Boston Scott they were really nice

  12. As a pats I want to erase this from history

  13. Time to watch this again. Love you forever Ertz.

  14. I'm convinced Gronk has committed offensive PI on every reception he's ever had, he uses his hands to shove away smaller defenders and it never gets called for some reason.

  15. I love this game the best Super Bowl I’ve watched and honestly I like where the team is today it’s a young team and these next few games should be 4-1 and I like where they are at just get sanders more touches

  16. I'm here because Ertz got traded. Haha Respect!

  17. You guys know there was a thing that said sub 2pewdipie

  18. This! is Eagles Football. I don't know what Sirriani is doing.

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  20. jeff sell the team. you traded Nick Foles a quarterback who won the SuperBowl and beat the patriots with brady. I will never watch a game while you are the owner. you are stupid or cheap.

  21. It’s funny how James Harrison left the Steelers to try to get a ring with the patriots but he still failed 😂

  22. drives me nuts every time with collinsworth and the ertz td still years later dude catches it takes 3 steps with possession and crosses the plain. I do not know what them idiots were watching

  23. If you're HONEST about it, that "touchdown" where Chris and Al were talkin' about it usually be called incomplete, was 100% correct…. I'm not saying this as a freakin' Patriots fan, certainly not an Eagles fan, just being HONEST about it, and that play/situation almost ALWAYS results in an incomplete. He didn't have full control of it, and by the time he did, he was stepping out of bounds…. You could even make an argument that Zach Ertz touchdown was incomplete, at least as far as consistency is concerned. And I said "you could make an argument" for that, not that it's necessarily correct. But, sure he was MAYBE a runner there, but he also got tripped up by McCourty at the very same moment he takes his qualifying step to become a runner, which is where the argument comes in. Anyway, I know Philadelphia wasn't happy with Chris's commenting for that game, even though they won they were out in force practically protesting against Chris LOL. When all he did was point out the truth, which Al did as well. Chris also spent a lot of time praising the Eagles and the moves they made. I didn't think he was biased or incorrect or anything…. But I DO think the Patriots kind of got the short end of the stick with a couple of those calls….

  24. If the Patriots won this, it would've been one of the greatest Super Bowls ever!

  25. I don't know where to rank it exactly. But I know it's not in top 5. The eagles fielded a team of no names and a forgettable performance by a QB that isn't even playing anymore. And the coach just got lucky that's all. Nothing special. They got the Patriots looking past them which is rare. But they didn't do what the giants did. And they certainly weren't what the 01 Patriots were.

    This was all about what the Patriots didn't do. Not what philly did.

  26. Thx to every pats fan who doesn’t trash talk eagles fans like me in the comment, and congrats on all of your super bowl victories. GG, one of the greatest Super Bowls I’ve ever watched.

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