Super Bowl 52 FULL Game: New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles -

Super Bowl 52 FULL Game: New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles

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00:00 – Start

27:51 – 2nd Quarter

1:13:52 – 3rd Quarter

1:44:37 – 4th Quarter

2:16:35 – Brandon Graham Strip Sack Eagles Recover

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  3. Ringside is the font used for the scorebug.

  4. They need to 86 collingsworth hes a terrible color analyst

  5. I remember in the days leading up to the game, everyone I came across that normally cheers for another team, became an Eagles Fan to the extent that everyone wanted to see Brady /The Patriots lose. Everyone I knew was pulling for the Eagles. I got calls from people I went to school with as a kid who had moved out of state many years earlier and adopted the local team as their team. Everyone but The Patriot Fans was an Eagle that night.

  6. I am watching this 3.5 years after the Eagles won. I know they won, but I am STILL biting my nails watching this.

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  8. Lets u know professional sports are predicted ahead of time. #86 took at least 2 full steps with possession yet the commentators tried to convince the audience it was not a catch. Its really a shame. The winners are chosen by narratives and storylines. When the call stood first thing said was Tom Brady with 225…smmfh

  9. Expanded brain meme:

    -Winning the Super Bowl
    -That franchise’s first Win ever
    -Against Tom Brady
    -As a backup Quarterback
    -As the Philadelphia Eagles

  10. Justin Timberlake did a great job on his performance at the Superbowl 52 halftime concert

  11. To me, if this EAGLES vs NEW ENGLAND is not the greatest super bowl game it amounts the top 3 greatest super bowls.

    All the players were super hypes-ready and focused.

    The two teams' offenses have combined for the most yards in Super Bowl history.

    Great Coaching on both sides

    Great Defenses both sides

    Great Offenses both sides

    Greatest Offensive play the "Philly Philly" (Oh my goodness FOLES what made you think about this "Philly Special " at that particular moment)

    Great Defensive play the forced fumble from Brady by "Brandon GRAHAM''

    Great Referees

    Great Commentators

    Great Soundtrack

    Great Stadium for super bawl

    Great Fans

    It was very cold weather outside of the US Bank's stadium and very hot on the field inside.

    Straight up Dogs' fight.

    Great memory.

  12. First touchdown for eagles 20:54 second touchdown down eagles 40:03 first touchdown patriots 55:48 third touchdown eagles 1:04:58 Second touchdown patriots 1:19:22 fourth touchdown eagles 1:29:44 third touchdown patriots 1:37:33 fourth touchdown patriots 1:53:37 fifth touchdown eagles 2:09:36 last play of the game 2:29:11 all touchdowns of the game your welcome have a blessed day

  13. My favorite superbowl by far of course I'm eagles fan, but this was non stop action, however I would have loved my 2010 eagles with michael vick, desean jackson, and lesean mccoy to have won a chip, but I guess that's forever out the window.


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  18. Best super bowl was # 23 niners 20-16 montana drive. And the titans vs rams as well

  19. Malcom Butler benching destroyed the Pat's defense morale, The Eagles earned this one

  20. This Super Bowl was bull crap any way we beat the eagles 35-0

  21. I’m a Packers fan but this is still easily one of the best Super Bowls that I’ve ever watched and was ever played.

  22. Ah the stupid catch rules. Ertz broke the plane.
    Don’t miss that crap

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  24. Belichick threw this. This is what created the rift that led Brady to Tampa little do you know.

  25. That Ertz catch. It stuns me that anyone doubted it was a TD. Player had control and ball crossed the plane. The ball only came out after. I mean, JESUS CHRIST- y'all have your rules so damn convoluted that even YOU can't keep them straight. Goodell is an actual joke . The only president more incompetent than him is Joe Biden.

    Let them play the game, for God's sake.

  26. All you have to do is kick and you can’t even do that right 😭

  27. a well played, very exciting game. Best I've seen in yrs.

  28. Lifelong Eagles fan. Definitely the best Super Bowl of my life. I was only 11 at the time but during that entire game, I was so excited that I couldn’t sit down especially when Brady fumbled. When they won i couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. By far the best super bowl of my lifetime so far.

  29. What a game this was my god one of the best in years, watched this live home alone, only wit my dogo, (parents went out) my god

  30. Collinsworth REALLY wanted that Ertz TD overturned…

  31. This will always be the biggest underdog story in sports history

  32. Tom Brady, I never want to play against the NFC East in the Super Bowl

  33. As a pats fan this game hurt's but I'm kind of over it real shock how things went down after Philadelphia won pats took a huge L but eagles have a large L still going

  34. The commentators are so biased in this its unreal

  35. Nick Foles got ripped off he should have continued being a starter

  36. Still love to look back at this from time to time. Best day of my life.

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