Super Bowl 54 FULL Game: Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers -

Super Bowl 54 FULL Game: Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers

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00:00 – Start

23:03 – Pat Mahomes Rushing Touchdown off fake pitch

26:22 – 2nd Quarter

40:50 – Kyle Juszczyk Receiving Touchdown

52:58 – 3rd Quarter

1:09:44 – Raheem Mostert Rushing Touchdown

1:18:03- 4th Quarter

1:34:35 – Mahomes to Travis Kelce Passing Touchdown

1:43:16 – Damian Williams Rushing Touchdown

1:56:52 – Damian Williams long Rushing Touchdown

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  1. Jimmy g the worst overthrow in the history of the leagues existence

  2. Embarrassing choke by the 49ers all in the last 15 minutes. It wasn’t one play rather a dozen blown plays by a defense that imploded. Sudden poor play calling, suspect one sided officiating at best, and Jimmy G. showing he’s no TB12.

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  4. The hug on sanders that was so obvious..the off sides in the 4th quarter with 7 minutes left..the hold on bosa that would of took the chiefs off the field on the 3rd 15 the helmet to helmet on Jimmy g..nothing called !! .in this day and age you just can't beat the refs

  5. Such ridiculous holding by the chiefs in the 4th Q.

  6. It's crazy how the NFL works a team can go from being completely dogshit to godlike such as the buccaneers the Rams the bills hell even the browns to a lesser extent. And it can work vice versa teams can go from being Godlike to complete dogshit such as the Patriots the Steelers the 49ers the Seahawks and the saints and many more I remember when Seattle dominated the league in 2012 to like 2014 I remember when my Steelers were a super bowl contender in 2017 time flies doesn't it

  7. Just going to say, $15 to $2500 is a 166x increase. $78k to $5.6M is a 71x increase. Which one is more steep NFL? Keep screwing over your fans.


  9. Funny how many times the Ch-Queefs weren't flagged for penalties, yet the whiners were penalized for plays that shouldn't have been. Apparently, KC is exempt from offensive holding and defensive passing interference…?
    Seems like the game is officiated to fit the narrative of the ideal publicized storyline… shame on you NFL or sportsbooks or both for corrupting the game and manipulating the outcome.
    You won't be getting away with that for much longer. All will be exposed soon enough and the guilty will be held accountable. It's just a matter of time.

  10. The posturing after the plays makes me laugh. Flexing at the other team like they are hard or something 😂😂

  11. I am Egyptian and I don't understand so much at american football but it is honor to me to watch a match like this
    Keep going.❤

  12. I miss Sammy Watkins, I wish that he could have stayed healthy then maybe KC could have kept him. He brought a certain element to the offense.

  13. I just hate joe buck he never sounds excited at all unless it’s Tom Brady

  14. Watching what that defense did to Patrick mahomes for 3 qtr I don’t see how people blame them .

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  16. I love Kyle he will learn frm both better decisions and stop taking foot off gas. But Kyle will be a legendary coach in NinerGangGang4L history

  17. This game and his game against the Pats should be played every time our NinerGangGang4L make the playoffs


  19. the 23 point touch down is not unfair

  20. I don't understand… The league players are a high percentage of a certain group and the broadcast team I saw on screen was 100 percent of another certain group. America has always been a bastion of the world's population's dreams of freedom and wealth. The indigenous people were ignored, the slaves were ignored and now we have a huge divide in race relations

  21. I think the 49s should have won either way damn good game

  22. Say what you will about the missed passes by Garoppolo but I think the refs let the Chiefs get away with a lot of penalties, and weren´t called on a few obvious ones like that hands to the face of Garoppolo on 4th down at the end that would have kept their drive alive, and then on the next possession someone goes to the knees of number 10 and it wasn´t called either, just SMH, 49ers have every right to be angry about those no calls. Things you don´t catch at first glance.

  23. RIGGED. 49ers' defense couldn't affect the game like the bucs would simply because the refs never called holding on Chiefs' linemen, who WERE holding a lot. It's just that the NFL's darlings are its start qb's.

  24. 3rd and 11 at 2:22 in 1st quarter, massive hold on Dee Ford. If the refs hadn't deliberately decided to rig the game by ignoring all holding done against the niners' strong suit, their D Line, it likely would've been another sack, but instead it was a big run by Mahomes that ended in a touchdown. Without the rigging that drive ends in a field goal. Lots of egregious "missed" holding calls in this game. Especially that late hold on Bosa. Right in front of the crooked refs' face. I'm glad the Chiefs had it rigged against them the next year when they went up against a bigger darling in Tom Brady.

  25. I'm a Packers season ticket holder…die hard Green Bay fan & was a bit disappointed in the playoffs…but DAMN!!!! This was a FUN GAME! (…I'm now a closet Chiefs fan…SHHHHHHH.)

  26. カンザスも久々に頂点に立てたんですね。後はミネソタ・バイキングスとバッファロー・ビルズがSB4回出場して全部負けてるので


  28. my mom still owes me 40 dollars for this game

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  30. Still cant believe the 9ers choked this game.

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