Super Bowl XLVII: "The Harbaugh Bowl" aka "The Blackout" | Ravens vs. 49ers | NFL Full Game -

Super Bowl XLVII: “The Harbaugh Bowl” aka “The Blackout” | Ravens vs. 49ers | NFL Full Game

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In honor of Super Tuesday the NFL presents Super Bowl XLVII, The Harbaugh Bowl!

00:00 – Start

9:54 Flacco 13-yard TD Pass to A. Boldin

32:12 L. James Fumble

39:30 Flacco 1-yard TD Pass to D. Pitta

41:59 Ed Reed Intercepts Kaepernick

49:17 Ravens Fake Field Goal Attempt

56:10 Flacco 56-yard TD Pass to J. Jones

1:07:49 J. Jones 108-yard Kickoff Return for TD

1:13:27 Superdome Power Outage/Blackout

1:26:59 Kaepernick 31-yard TD Pass to Crabtree

1:33:11 F. Gore 6-yard TD Run

1:37:25 Ray Rice Fumble

1:55:36 Kaepernick 15-yard TD Run

2:11:29 Start of Kaepernick game-winning drive attempt

2:15:26 Ravens Goal Line Stand

2:27:54 Final Play

Super Bowl 47 was unique for a multitude of reasons. First off it was the first time two brothers, John Harbaugh of the Ravens and Jim Harbaugh of the 49ers, were the head coaches facing each other in a Super Bowl.The game also featured a power outage with the Ravens leading 28-6 that led to a hectic 49ers comeback. Ultimately, the Ravens came away victorious with a goal line stand, which secured the second Super Bowl victory in franchise history.

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  1. I’m here after potential rematch in the sb

  2. Can’t wait for the results today to confirm this epic rematch will happen again

  3. I’ll start going to the stadiums when I start seeing all players play their part like he did

  4. Here after they are getting ready to choke again

  5. Jim never could win without cheating…. But he sure is how knows a choke on that……..

  6. Purdy is a FRAUD. Betting the house on KC

  7. Im here a couple weeks early to tell you the 49ers lost to the chiefs again😂😂

  8. How is it hard to throw a penalty in that situation holding is holding commentators be the worse

  9. And how you got Randy moss and don’t use him. I feel really sad for Randy moss

  10. This is the only time I’ve thought the NFL is rigged. Kap runs 75 yards downfield no problem. 1st and goal, he passes it repeatedly to well covered Crab. Kap coulda ran it in 2 of 4 times himself. Makes no sense…

  11. We Back in the Superbowl!!!! 49ers ❕️ ❗️

  12. Ray Lewis should have been an actor he’s so captivating with his fake speech I almost believed the nfl was real for a second

  13. This stadium should not be allowed to host another Super Bowl! Yes I know next years Super Bowl will be here at the superdome 😖

  14. Let’s see if the niners win this Sunday

  15. Im here after Jim Harbaugh admitted they should have ran the ball with Gore!

  16. Jeff Joniak moody scumbag donk….and i dare anyone to challenge me on this..

  17. The 9ners are chokers, just like they choked last night to the Chiefs!

  18. Forgot Randy played in this game. Mf was old asl

  19. Here after the niners lost another Super Bowl

  20. I'm here after the niners choked in the super bowl again

  21. As a Baltimoron I wish Flacco would have had at least one more Superbowl ring.

  22. Too many commercial! As bad as watching the game in real time.

  23. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Anquan Boldins Last game with the Ravens. Justin Tuckers only fake kick, and Still the only player on the Ravens from that Superbowl Team

  24. Bryant Mckinnie turned this team around and into a super bowl Champion

  25. I’m here for Forty Whiner tears 😂😂😂

  26. We'll be back here in 2024-2025 season with Lamar. 🤞🏽

  27. i remember watching this when i was 8 years old, my mom was trying to get me to go back to bed but i begged to watch the kickoff return after half time, 108 yard td, core memory

  28. I’m here after the niners chocked in the superbowl

  29. I’m here after the NINERS choked in the Super Bowl again

  30. i am a ravens fan but i think the denver broncos threw that game too let baltimore win very strange analysis but its my beliefe

  31. niners will have to resurrect the 80s teams to win another Super Bowl.

  32. Ephesians 5:9
    (For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;)

  33. No joke that was the best Super Bowl I’ve watched as a ravens fan I miss good Joe Flacco and miss R. Lewis that was probably the year the ravens could be the best

  34. @the age of 8 got arrested BAB Player on the island live on the island go by the island rules no flags on represent flags Don't need a vest put the ice me out on my chest Put me in the game with my shoulder pads Shield On my chest
    Deion Sanders round table Island
    VS Shame the Devil
    RIP John Madden viral truth testimony TRUThis is crazy my Big Brother Tom Robinson#12QB got pick 199 round draft pick.
    James Robinson graduating top class of 300 of the year 2001 got pick 199 pick out of the top 300 students at Sam Houston high School in San Antonio TX zip 78220.
    James Robinson play #22CB on the Sam Houston football team the Cherokee Indians.

  35. Deion Sanders 7 super bowl championship rings trophies 1 super bowl ring with the 49ers.
    5 world super bowl championships with the Dallas cowboys.
    1 super bowl championship ring with the Baltimore Ravens
    Football history TRU story
    100 year anniversary

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