Sweden 🇸🇪 vs Canada 🇨🇦 | Women's Football ⚽️🥇 Gold Medal Match | Tokyo Replays - ishmargames.com

Sweden 🇸🇪 vs Canada 🇨🇦 | Women’s Football ⚽️🥇 Gold Medal Match | Tokyo Replays

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Canada strike Yokohama gold in women’s football. The Canadians beat Sweden to claim the North American country’s first-ever Women’s Olympic Football gold medal via a dramatic penalty shootout after the final ended tangled at 1-1.

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  1. It's like watching boy's under 7 playing their first match together .standard is absolutely atrocious .should never be in the olympic by any means . I watched all the sports in the Olympic . Women volleyball ,handball , water polo, hockey ( regular not ice hockey ) were fascinating to watch but women football always made me cringe . it looks like kids desperately trying to act like men

  2. After 2 and then 3 misses by Canada Sweden looked so comfortable, both players and coaches. BIG mistake. They psychologically took themselves out of the match when Canada evened things up and extra kicks were needed

  3. Though canada won breaking tie …but ..but…but…..all the time swedish dominated……..i love their game….

  4. My favourite player is Deanne Rose. She so gritty.
    I think Labbé's goaltending pressured Seger and caused that huge miss.

  5. Great game by both teams, hats off to Sweden for making this an exciting game and a big congratulations to Canada!!! This makes up for that loss in 2012 London. Congratulations again!!! Also congratulations to all our female athletes in Tokyo who took the majority of medals won.

  6. Natasa Andonova macedonian best woman football player 🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. To all those who genuinely appreciated the game: have you ever seen Messi playing?

  8. If I was younger I'd do anything I could to marry Grosso!!

  9. Aun no puedo creer q Suecia haya perdido la medalla de oro..no lo supero

  10. It must be hard for Swedes to watch this

  11. To answer the commentator’s question about whether or not Canada can be a team that regularly challenges the USWNT at major tournaments, I personally don’t think so. The United States just produces players that are so great. Just look at what players like Sophia Smith and Catarina Macario have done in their rookie seasons. The USWNT played poorly at the olympics, but it’s so hard to win Olympic gold following a World Cup title. It’s why no team has done it. But who knows… maybe the USWNT will make it a World Cup three-peat in 2023, and then win Olympic gold in Paris. If any team would accomplish the feat of winning back-to-back World Cup and Olympic gold, you’d think it’d be the USWNT.

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    Funny, in the 2006 world cup final, the winning goal was also made by someone named Grosso in a penalty shootout.

  13. Where's the final Brazil v Spain?
    Stupid admin!!

  14. That was something very special CANADA Congratulations 🔥😊👍

  15. Teamnas indonesia lawan ini belum tentu bisa menang.

  16. Sweden stuffed up the shootout but were definitely the better side.

  17. Does anyone know any tactics were used for this game, I'm new to football and have an essay about this game

  18. finiras commes d'autre homme mountain tu se quelque si chose

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  20. foot lolo montrael jnstoïck c'est quoi enleve

  21. México femenil el próximo campeón olimpico

  22. Player of the match: Canadian goalkeeper, who saved the last and most important penalty kick.
    She was very confident…fantastic goalkeeper.

  23. I wonder why Christine Sinclair didn't take penalty kick.

  24. Canada's Clutch players: Goalkeeper Labbe, and the field players Fleming, Rose, and Grosso.

  25. This is one of the greatest moments ever of Canadian sport and so deserved after the referee sell out vs the USA a few years ago when Sinclair scored a hattie . . Remember that Sinclair who is the greatest striker of all time finally got her deserts. Abby Wambach very much to her credit commented when Sinclair passed her on the all time scoring list … Sinclair is the best ever! I played for a team who scored five goals a game…Christine played on a team who scored perhaps two goals a game. Christine was well past her prime here but her spirit drove this team. And I believe that John Herdman built this team and I mean no disrespect to the current coach.

  26. Sweden was happy to beat the all time greats USA women , but they didn't know Canada was coming at them , nice job Canadian girls …

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