Team Red vs Team Navy, 2022 Ole Miss Football Spring Game Highlights -

Team Red vs Team Navy, 2022 Ole Miss Football Spring Game Highlights

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Team Red vs Team Navy, 2022 Ole Miss Football Spring Game Highlights
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  1. Watching Dart play in this game I thought I was actually looking at Slovis

  2. Idk what jaxson was doing there were ppl open on every throw

  3. I think Dart only looked bad because the Ole Miss D was good.

  4. JJ Henry is the truth when Elijah moore left JJ Henry was brought in are you kidding me!? All American from Mckinney Tx!Old Miss don't lose out!!!?🤷

  5. As a Bama fan Ole Miss could be a threat in the West this year! Should be fun when we meet up in the grove this fall!

  6. Dart looked like shit! Dart will be at BYU by next year.

  7. If Jackson dart starts the season off Ole Miss will win three games this year

  8. Ole Miss fans need to be more worried about the fact that there was 84 points scored in a spring game…

  9. Dart should’ve stayed at SC

  10. Yep. There’s definitely a QB battle. Neither guy looked that good.

  11. Guy at 4:13thought they were still tagging off😭😭😂😂

  12. Arkansas, LSU, and Bama are going to eat this offense alive!

  13. Davidson is Lock down, the true freshman can hang

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  15. Ole miss looks pretty good to me. Got some things to work on but from what i see the future looks bright for this team. I'm a Bama fan and i respect the job Kiffen has done there. Good luck to you all this season.

  16. As a Georgia fan I think Ole miss will be a very good team and I’m excited to watch them play this year 💯

  17. All the Qbs looked bad. But Dart is the only one that has a chance to be good. If they don't start him Ole Miss is gonna be dead

  18. Trigg is going to be an absolute weapon. Looks just like Kyle Pitts out there

  19. Good to see Brandon Mack back on the field.

  20. Everyone needs to chill because Lane is the type of Coach that will not let certain player’s play and put the QB in horrible positions because he wants other teams too think they are no good

  21. When all the pieces are on same side of the ball trust me they will be good by the time game five is over with they will be running like a well oiled machine

  22. Zack is a monster plus trigg etc.. plus theirs more player coming Lane is a offensive genus

  23. Ole Miss will have a 10 win season in 2022!!! Their only two conference loses will be against LSU and Auburn not Alabama because Lane Kiffen will be the third head coach to beat his former boss Nick Saban to give Nick Saban his third loss to another former assistant in Lane Kiffen!!! Ole Miss is definitely going to beat Alabama in 2022 like they did in 2014 and 2015 back to back and they could do it again in 2022 and 2023!!! Let's go Rebels!!! Hotty Totty!!!

  24. Dent looked the best. Looked comfortable, made great decisions, great throws, accurate, didn’t panic when pocket was closing, fled when NEEDED & still made a TD throw across opposite field, he’s the guy

  25. If I had to name another team I’d root for, I’d definitely root for these boys right here. Good luck this year fellas!

  26. We will have one hell of a NFL draft in two years. This is the most talented rebel team ever

  27. Dart=dumpster fire. And they are suppose to be better than state?! lol

  28. Clearly very, very few of the commenters have watched many spring games. This performance is par for the course and means nothing to the average, untrained eye. Spring games are for the coaches. They have the expertise and experience to use this data. Wanna-be coaches in their recliners who never played past pee-wee may as well be watching a greek play.

  29. This offense is totally new to dart he’s only been in Oxford 2 months or so I expect him to improve a lot by their first game ✌️

  30. jj henry is the truth he's like mike irvin the truth

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