Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens Preseason Week 1 Highlights | 2022 NFL Season - ishmargames.com

Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens Preseason Week 1 Highlights | 2022 NFL Season

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Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens – Highlights | 2022 PreSeason Week 1, 08/11/2022
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  2. I'm so glad my Falcons didn't fall for the Malik hype 🤣 I argued some of our fans down that that would be a terrible pick because he's not a very good thrower and is way to raw. Ridder was the perfect puck at QB bc he's the most NFL ready out of any of the QB"s that came out this class!

  3. Ravens: #85 looked good. Excited for the new punter. Tyler huntley ballin' as usual. O-line wasn't that bad.
    Titans: I love that name!!!! Chestnut!!!😂🥜 RUN CHESTNUT RUN!!!!! Malik willis to me is like cam newton jr.(when cam was good lol) I feel like treylon Burks is gonna be injury prone. Logan Woodside wasn't that good 🙁 I like him. Offense lacks weapons, could have a better o-line and defense is a ?. I feel like the titans are gonna be average this year at best.

  4. I think the ravens should run a duo qb set.

  5. Nearly 7 minutes of a 10 minute game is 1st quarter highlights? cmon….

  6. Huntley went 0-6 last year he’s not the answer. I like him but our team is much worse than we realize. Lamar is better than people realize. We need a viable qb2

  7. Eso es todo empezando con el pie derecho Baltimore 👏

  8. 21 wins in a row, our bench and rookies don’t play but we need to win the super bowl to prove the haters wrong 💜🖤

  9. Look up Tartaria the Great Awakening & therefore freedom

  10. Just glad my boys won ill disect the game layer…Very hapoy

  11. All about shaking off the jitters, gaining confidence and fine tuning

  12. Was this as boring in person as it was on you tube?

  13. Titans looked real good the first half, Raven’s looked so-so and out of position for tackling most of the night. Very impressed with Titan’s new QB!

  14. The Ravens don't need to sign a WR Bridges and Polk and Likely who needs to soend time on the blocking sled will be alright😀😃

  15. Camera work sucks ! I thought I had the worst seats in the stadium !

  16. Anyone gonna talk about Likely’s blocking

  17. I have to say, I am not a fan of the behind the QB camera angle. Makes big plays down field a lot less impressive because you're seeing them from so far away.

  18. This probably just about the same Ravens team we last saw. All back ups.

  19. Who’s happy to see NFL football again?

  20. am i the only one that’s bothered from those weird camera angles

  21. Lol funny how he said he pull him out cause he wanted him to throw but then the new QB come in throws a pick and offense with to hell smh 🤦‍♂️

  22. That pass by Josh Johnson😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

  23. Why are you showing punts going out of bounds?

  24. 21 straight preseason wins is very impressive but we all know haters going to hate…GO RAVENS

  25. One area of the game that probably won't be talked about enough is how good our new punter is, glad all the coaching he received in the off-season has paid off.

  26. If Baltimore dont wanta pay Lamar i think the Saints would love to give him tons of money and Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas

  27. Camera work so far has been ALOT better, i love the QB over the shoulder view

  28. Switch teams Lamar.. the owner obviously doesn’t know your worth

  29. Ight who made these highlights? I had to check if I was on the real nfl channel,it was like I was watching full game but it’s HIGHLIGHTS🤦🏻‍♂️😂Idc but like bruh🧐

  30. 7:14 # 60 Baltimore just gave up on the play and stopped running. Wtf

  31. I hope they don’t use all these camera angles during the regular season lol I like it the same

  32. Malik Willis is terrible!!! he has all the weapons he could possibly ask for at WR but he throws dump downs to RB FB and just plain is a bad QB…. i feel bad for Titans WR''s !!!!!

  33. TN Titans is the weakest team in the history of football

  34. Aren’t some of the titans players new from this years draft

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