Tennessee Titans vs. Buffalo Bills | 2022 Week 2 Highlights - ishmargames.com

Tennessee Titans vs. Buffalo Bills | 2022 Week 2 Highlights

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  1. I live for the day that an NFL team throws the towel in and quit midgame. Mustve been close to happening this time

  2. If the Bills offense went up against the Bills defense in a race to the end zone, which side would win?

  3. Playing zone against bills is catastrophic

  4. Holy MF F the Bills Mafia is Back in town! lol

  5. Bills got blown out in AFC championship 2 years ago

    Then didn't even make it back last year (lost in divisional round)

    They got worst based off that

  6. What a amazing season opener and what it indication what our season might look like.

    That's why I want to give you some insight about a coming events that will be out of our control for our Buffalo bills are nothing but a love of football between players and fans.

    And no event will disrupt this season for it's none of our business and it has no effect the NFL and owners have a contract and they'll obligate it without interruption we will see this season through at least what happens next season is a different story maybe in next season reconstruction football can go back where it belongs for the Love of the game and not profits and I believe between the players and the fans and no middlemen we can come to a good compromise. Love not hate and I so love my Buffalo bills

  7. Buffalo Bills is the team to beat

  8. Trading AJ Brown away was beyond foolish. That was a franchise changing mistake.

  9. Now that is Buffalo dominating a game from start to finish right there!

  10. Been watching this back while I drink my pre workout lol. Hittin' PRs back-to-back days lmao

  11. Diggs is my favorite football player right now. Talent plus effort, nice to see.

  12. Bills have been ready for a team like this for a long time. Well deserved

  13. Bills look like the best team in the league and it’s not even close. Chiefs should be very afraid.

  14. As a Titans fans you gotta applaud the Bills organization. In the AFC besides the Chiefs Bills and Titans have been knocking on the door the past three years. Bills have made moves to win it all while the Titans are going backwards especially with releasing AJ Brown. Sucks being a Titans fan smh

  15. It’s crazy how josh Allen remind me of Ryan tannahill

  16. Back to irrelevance for the Titans🤣🤣 Poverty franchise.

  17. I was so surprised titans lost as bad as they did they usually play competitive against good teams but it just goes to show buffalo is really good on both sides of the ball season is still young but if bills keep playing like they are it's gonna be hell of hard to beat them

  18. Josh Allen’s skillset dosent even make sense.

  19. They would've had 60+ points if starters stayed in lmao

  20. josh allen can throw that football like no other qb in the game

  21. Bills are doing good as always but wait till playoffs and semifinals…cause I smell bullshit already lol

  22. Ryan Tannehill better go ahead and get his CDL. It ain’t looking too good for ole boy 🤓 🛻 💨

  23. The real test is against the cheifs anyways they both are equal the game could go either way

  24. MVP Race (Sept. 23rd)

  25. The bills have proven they want the Lombardi ..

  26. Bills wanted this one for sure after losing last 2, this is exactly what the dolphins are going to do to the bills after losing last 4 or 5 games ! It's going to be a war

  27. I'm looking for the Bills to go all the way because they look even better than last season and they have all they weapons and even better they have Von Miller the Captain of the Defense so they look very balance offensive and defensively

  28. I just hope the Bills haven't peaked TOO early. Sometimes this happens and hopefully they can sustain this throughout the season

  29. Go Bills! It will be the right year!

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  31. Josh Allen and these bills are out for blood this season 😮 Kansas City created a monster

  32. What’s going on with the Titans smh

  33. This game was so bad for the Titans that Siri said “The Titans were pummeled by Buffalo”😂

  34. Josh Allen is the next Tom Brady the next goat

  35. The Bills are what I had hoped the Bengals looked like this year, and now here I am terrified that we have to play them.

  36. The Bills are what I had hoped the Bengals looked like this year, and now here I am terrified that we have to play them.

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