Tennessee Titans vs. New York Giants | Week 1 2022 Game Highlights - ishmargames.com

Tennessee Titans vs. New York Giants | Week 1 2022 Game Highlights

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  1. Barkely is a beast but he won't last 5 games. He's just fragile.

  2. lol 3rd and 1 and they dont think to use the biggest rb in the league smh idiots

  3. Great wln for the Giants, but the offensive line was almost non-existent on too many plays and the defensive line doesn't have the quickness to catch QB's, check out how much time the Titans QB had too much time of easily slipped away. I have been a Giant fan since the late 1950's.

  4. As a Titans fan it is a never ending frustration that they can beat anyone, and lose to anyone too.

  5. Titans choked so bad 🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. refs missed false start on the 2pt conversion and if the left tackle didnt whiff his block on the tightend around, it would of been a first down

  7. 🤣🤣🤣 stupid ass kicker you fired

  8. I bet yall miss AJ Brown

  9. Titans need to let henry run the ball more. hes a cheat code

  10. As a titans fan Tannehill sold. So hard he didn’t utilize Derrick Henry at all I don’t understand why

  11. why didn't they pit their kicker in the middle of the field. so inconsiderate

  12. Bruh… this sport is so amazing sometimes lol. To see teams blow games is still remarkable

  13. Lots of grit and guts from the gmen. 👏 A little bit of luck never hurts too 😜

  14. Saquan is so good bro, I really hope he doesn’t get injured like most times he pretty much carries this team

  15. Rest of the league will take notice after this game.

  16. Had alot of big breaks in this game i hope next week isn't so nail bitting


  18. These CBs have no technique. How can you cover a WR with your back turned to him ? SMH

  19. That was a Fluke W giant fan here

  20. First season opening win in 6 years and they almost lost that too. I don't give them any credit for this game. They have got to learn how to finish games and stop losing them at the last minute. There's nothing to celebrate here.

  21. giants played awful. The Quarterback gets sacked down fast. Season is looking bad for them.

  22. The pick jones threw in the end zone for Barkley, was that a curl route minus the curl?

  23. What are they doing with Toney tho? Like am I the only one who’s confused with the fact this mans a stud and they only use him for dumb trick plays ? cmon now I don’t wanna have to bench this guy.

  24. Well, they won't by the kickers fluke so…its a win 😆

  25. So the giants didn't win the game, the titans lost it. With a kick. Yeh giants fans can calm down lol

  26. Cowboys fan here to watch the Giants and see what they look like in week one and two and off that game I’m not worried… but let’s see what week two looks like

  27. Titans gave this game away 💯 hopefully dallas can avoid doing the same! Let's go RUSH/MICHA 😆

  28. i DIED AT : and the GIANTS WIN THEIR SEASON OPENER IN 6 YEARS !!!! GEEZ GOTTA LOVE IT even as a cowboys fan 😬

  29. G-men has no swag on offense.. they look so suspect

  30. Barkley is going to have a great year 😮

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