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UNCLE LOU is a YouTube syndicated humorist and has made hundreds of thousands of viewers laugh through viral musings regarding Georgia Football, the SEC and specifically engaging with the legions of college football fans from such the programs as South Carolina Gamecocks, Florida Gators, Alabama Crimson Tide, Auburn Tigers, Tennessee Volunteers, Texas A&M, Clemson Tigers, and many more college football playoff (CFP) hopefuls…notice We didn’t mention the Atlanta technical school (for new folks, that would be the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets).

UNCLELOU covers college football like dew covers Dixie and his homespun humor is designed to be both, humorous and informative.

Best of all, UncleLou always keeps it clean for his younger viewers which is important to him. He is amongst the best college football prognosticators online today and draws high-levels of viewer engagement with his amusing college game predictions (and college football recruiting updates) and through often times delivering his anecdotes in an outrageously dramatic fashion or plain ole interesting stories.

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  1. 4-8 Really only 4 sure wins here and with TN what is a sure win? All depends whether they beat Scar and Mizzou on the road. If they lose both then they might be looking at 3-9. Also Pitt is the typical type game the vols lose. They will get fired up when they beat BG and think they are back and lay an egg against Pitt.

  2. From a Tennessee fan, another great video…GBO!!!

  3. Tennessee needs to win all there non conference games! They will need those wins to be able to get to 6 wins and goto a bowl. Pittsburgh Might give them some trouble but the Vols should win the game. The conference schedule is going to have some difficult games, but some are winnable. Vanderbilt of course, and South Carolina will be two games where the Vols will be favored. The Missouri, Kentucky, Florida and Ole Miss are games that Tennessee should be competitive in and if the ball bounces the Volunteers “COULD” possibly pull an upset. I do not see them having any chance of beating Alabama or Georgia. A bowl game would mean a lot to the Tennessee program and its great Fans, plus it would show that the program is headed in the right direction. So 6 – 6. Maybe 7-5 if the can pull a upset.

  4. I agree with most f what you said but you said the Arkansas game sent even competitive? I believe Tennessee was leading at the half, then just layed down in the second half and arky beat their a**.
    I mean, I would consider that somewhat competitive lol

  5. I wish I could find these annoying ass Tennessee fans he’s talking about. I’m a bill fan and I honestly don’t see them anymore. There’s a few trolls..but no real vol fan thinks like that anymore. We’re just hoping to be better than last year..which isn’t asking much

  6. 3-0 start maybe,then next 2 will be a serious reality check.

  7. Best case scenario is 8-4 and worst case is 4-8.

  8. I'm a vol fan I see maybe 5 wins this year.

  9. as a completely unbiased tennessee fan we're going undefeated and winning the Natty.

  10. Seriously? No troll about Lane Kiffin coming back to road grade Tennessee as a head coach of another team?

  11. We got 4 star QB now. Can't wait till we are back to playing you guys toe to toe. 2015 and 2016

  12. As a Tennessee fan my expectations aren’t very high this year to be honest I’d be happy with 6-6 it just depends on how our new coach does and how prepared he gets our team I’d say at the very best this year maybe 7-5 but I could definitely see 5-7 maybe even 4-8 at the worst it all depends on this off season and how prepared our team is and hopefully we can get back on track and atleast start making the Georgia,Alabama and Florida games atleast competitive in a few years

  13. pitt had 6 guys drafted, it’s a little far fetched to say they r “bad”. definitely better than tennessee

  14. Dec 12th, 2020. What a historic day. First female player to play in power 5 and they scored on the Tennessee Vols! Way to go Sarah Fuller. This day will never be forgotten

  15. LOL they have lost a couple recruiting battles this past month to Kentucky and lost their best Defensive player to BAMA on transfer!!

  16. KENTUCKY 2nd in EAST this year behind UGA. No One must be paying attention. They are starting to produce NFL talent. Only 7 schools put more players in NFL this past draft. Stoops isn't playing and currently they hold the #7 recruiting class in country. KENTUCKY is no longer an automatic win for teams like TENNESSEE, USC, MISS ST, MIZZ, to name few. Those teams better strap it on cause UK is putting a team together.

  17. 1st female player to score points in a power 5 game has done it against Tennessee 🤣🤣🤣

  18. so why is the Vanderbilt chick on the thumbnail of a video about Tennessee?

  19. I’m not seeing anything regarding loss of scholarships for UT. Maybe a bowl ban, but who cares. I don’t. Maybe it will be for 2022 and beyond but it ain’t happening this year.

  20. This schedule is so weak, I actually think we COULD go 7-5 if everything bounced our way. This is the easiest schedule we’ve had in a long time. I know our defense will be dogshite. Thankfully, South Carolina, Vandy, Kentucky, Pitt and some others don’t have good offenses so maybe we do just enough on defense to squeak out those wins. 5-7 wouldn’t shock me, though. 4-8 would be tough to stomach, even with all the transfers. 1-7 in the SEC would be pretty pathetic. Kentucky, Carolina, Vandy, Mizzou and even Ole Miss aren’t THAT good. Ever since Mizzou lost to a 3-9 Vandy team a couple years ago and we stomped a mud hole in them last year, I’ve lost some respect for them. They’ll need to whip our ass again for me to mark that as a guaranteed loss in the future like I used to.

  21. Uncle Lou how far will Tennessee will go this year i say they go 8 and 5

  22. at worse vols this year go 6-6. at best 7-5 either or could happen. i think it comes down to that Kentucky game and win they go 7-5 and if they lose 6-6. not a vol fan by the way

  23. I don't see any hope for Tennessee. Not with the transfers, the NCAA sanctions, the new coach and athletic director, and the fact that they sucked anyway without any of that last year. They'll be at the bottom of the SEC East for the next few years.

  24. I'm a huge Tennessee vols fan, but ive been watching you for forever alot of my family friends are Georgia fans! We enjoy the bac and forth obviously but i have a couple questions for you. what do you thin of the jeremy pruitt fire, but also as harrison baily as quarter bac? I honestly thinc he is a great quarterbac, and hopefully we can build around him

  25. Wins: Kentucky

    50/50: None

    Losses: The rest

  26. Hey UT. UK kicked yer puke orange ass last year remember that? just wasn't sure if you remembered it.

  27. I gave up on Tennessee. The real question should be, HOW WILL GEORGIA PLAN TO BEAT ALABAMA?

  28. Big UT fan, love your videos Lou but let be honest those boy were told not to go after that ball for the extra point she kicked go back and watch it, imagine if that would have been blocked I mean come on it was all a show. Anyway Keep it up! GO VOLS!

  29. Depends on how primed Huepel can get them. We have some talent with the offense I'm just wondering about the defense.

  30. It’s hard to be a vols fan, we have a great roster but shit coaching. I like heupel though.

  31. You forgot Wyoming winning 13-7 in Neyland.

  32. I like the rock and roll in the front. Yeah!

  33. I'm shocked you picked Tennessee over Pitt

  34. Uncle Lou,
    Every time you talk about Tennessee you act like we haven't beaten Georgia and Florida since 1950, when we have beaten both of those teams as recently as 2016. And Tennessee has had a lot of close losses to both teams during the past decade or so of frustration. Will Georgia and Florida be favored against Tennessee this year? Definitely, but to say that beating Georgia and Florida are long term goals isn't true. Like I said, Tennessee has had a lot of close losses to both teams. A lot of those losses could have been wins if Butch Jones could have managed close games.
    Everyone wants to talk about our 3-7 record last year, but they conveniently forget that we could have at least doubled that win total with adequate qb play. Heupel seems to be a guy who knows how to develop and coach quarterbacks, so I'm hopeful that we will see good qb play this year. I think the key will be staying healthy because depth is a legitimate concern, especially on defense. If Tennessee can stay healthy we could surprise a few teams. Of course, that is easier said than done.

  35. SEC fan here. Tennessee sure has gone thru coaches for the last decade at least. I hate it for such a proud program & fans. I hope they bow up, get an attitude and become bowl elegible even if they suffer NCAA sanctions. Vols fans will show up regardless. Coach Huepel gives them a great chance to turn things around. He's gonna score points & they have favorable schedule. They may decide it's them against the world & make some noise. It's a shame this team's coaches & players may suffer due to previous stupid mistakes by others. I'll be watching & pulling for Vols regardless.

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