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Tennessee vs. Clemson Full Game | 2022 ACC Football

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Clemson fell in the Orange Bowl, 31-14 to Tennessee. Clemson dominated time of possession and ran over 100 offensive plays in the game, but the Tigers struggled to convert points against a tough Volunteers defense. Tigers QB Cade Klubnik completed 30 of 54 passes for 320 yards, rushed for 51 yards and a touchdowns, but tossed 2 interceptions in the loss. Will Shipley rushed for 72 yards and had 21 yards receiving for Clemson. Quarterback Joe Milton III threw for 251 yards and 3 touchdowns to lead the Volunteers to the win in the Orange Bowl.


  1. Georgia owns Tennessee. Gonna whoop that Smokey arse in Knoxville in November.

  2. Well if Clemsons previous home game with South Carolina didn't answer it, I guess this game defiiatively answers the question about what would happen to Clemson if they entered the SEC! Not to mention what happened to them when they played Ga. the previous year. At best they'd just become another mediocre team.

  3. Clemson for sure beat themselves to a certain extent, but the defensive play calls from tenn were astonishing the different types of 2, 3 cloud, man under, robber, & 1 blitzes were top tier

  4. Thanks for posting this! I don't pay to get espn and YT blocked the live game. I rooted for Tennessee twice this year 2022. They aren't my favorite team. Once against Alabama and this one. I'm not a clemson fan either. Never once did you hear Greg McElroy mention that Tennessee beat Alabama! Or when Hendon Hooker was injured. They only mentioned the date of Nov. 19th. Tennessee lost of my team by 25 points. We barely beat clemson. btw William Shipley is a beast.

  5. I mean really……USCjr beat both of these teams…..and just scored AGAIN on ut!!! 🐶🏈HBTD!

  6. Should have been TN 48 kittens 0 if not for bad helping ref for cheating kittens, POS CHEATING KITTENS! Never should have been in any off the playoff game or ACC CHAMP games.. should have been 8-4 at best for the past 10 yrs!!!

  7. ACC Digital trying their best to make it sound close. Clemson didn't dominate the time of possession… they spent the most time trying to score… which they didn't do very well.

  8. He didn’t even run just stood there 😂😂😂

  9. Joe Milton is an amazing QB.

    Jim Harbaugh is a dumb.

  10. Too many commercial, same one every 6 minutes? I won't watch another acc digital network video. acc anemic coast conference 🤣

  11. Doooood both these teams will be very strong in the near future. Vols looking beast!

  12. How come, in the thumbnail, it looks like Clemson is being competitive?

  13. That 50 yard throw from Milton to White looked effortless. What an arm.

  14. War eagle auburn university represent

  15. Lol a clemson player flexing, who you flexing at pee wee players lol clemson has sucked for yrs. No all american qb you were exposed. Without DeShawn watson ir the like you cannot beat acc girl teams

  16. This is funny…..3 weeks post and Clemson still running the excuse mill overtime to explain this miserable loss…..funnier still is seeing the average idiot Clemson fan reason how Clemson should have won against USC……Clemson is excuse U and an thorough embarrassment to the State of SC.

  17. De-ranked Pitt de ranked Florida got Kentucky de ranked de ranked LSU for a minute a lot of losing streaks broken by coach Heupel very very interested and super excited for what Heupel has in store next season GBO and Bama watch we gonna get ya again

  18. Peyton manning plz make it happen. Future denver bronco QB Joe Milton II # TennVols

  19. I am very Satisfied about this season, imagine what Josh Dobbs could have done under Josh Heupel!

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  21. The Vols are coming,I expect big things to come from them

  22. They say that the refs are still throwing flags to this day

  23. Better game than the championship which by the way after I leave this video I’m hitting not interested on any college football video. College Football is boring as f***

  24. Thanks! Been waiting for the full game. Vol freak let me down for the first time!

  25. I asked and y’all listened. Thank y’all now I can watch the whole game since I got a day off.

  26. For all the talk about the offense, I think the defensive front won this game for Tennessee. The Clemson QB was hurried the whole game. The D-line coach deserves a game ball.

  27. If you can't get touchdowns you can't win by kicking.

  28. Dabo's team got MANHANDLED by a team missing 6 defensive starters and a backup at QB. Some of his decisions, like promoting Streeter from within, come back to haunt Clemson on the recruiting trail and at the Orange Bowl!

  29. The more I listen to the broadcast the more I realize HOW MUCH the commentators WANTED, almost willed, Clemson to win. Ridiculous!

  30. Yes we found it Go Vols Orange Bowl champs!!!!🍊🍊🍊🍊

  31. Milton has a cannon for an arm. One flick of the wrist is all it takes him for a 50-60 yard pass

  32. Fun stat: Tennessee beat 3 out of the last 4 national champions this season LSU, Alabama, and Clemson.

  33. I'm very proud of Them Tennessee Vols. We played a good game. We got it done. GBO🧡🧡🧡🍊🍊

  34. They not talking about that they beat bama no more we better not hear that no more

  35. They not only two minutes until the game and davos Sweeney at like he is about to lose it better go home with that 100 million and be happy I'm sorry 98 million while his players get zero

  36. ACCN real ones for consistently uploading full games

  37. Should have kicked the field goal. Points are points and Potter would have never missed. Should have started DJ and then bring Cabe in if things didn't work out. This was a disaster from the beginning. SMH

  38. LOL clemson and dabo lost to the vols second string The Heisman is a joke now ……..

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