Thailand 5-0 Singapore | Match Highlights | Football | SEA Games Vietnam 2021 -

Thailand 5-0 Singapore | Match Highlights | Football | SEA Games Vietnam 2021

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Thailand proved too strong for Singapore as the Young Lions fell to their first defeat at the 31st SEA Games.

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  1. Boring game.. no passion and poor performance


  3. singapore has money. why not buy CR7 and messi and neymar?

  4. Lol SG taking a massive L HAHAHAHA 5-0 thank you Thailand

  5. That's what I meant previously by having the wrong small time mentality to celebrate like mad with a draw against Laos. Knew they will be beaten upside down after that here.

    The coach is awful, even at 1-0 down he was going 5 man at the back. Terrible mentality, waste of time for our lions to travel there just to get embarrass. The FAS need to take a good look at themselves when all the big nations is hiring top coaches and we are scrimping for these wastemans.

  6. Ben Davis with a slap to our faces

  7. Singapore football is hopeless……
    Better don't waste your time supporting all these kittens.

  8. Who selected these highlights? Also show the replays for all opposition goals as well. The Ben Davis clips very cut as short as possible and I think we all know why…

  9. Not at all a good looking scoreline.. But it is a good time to blood young players now and learn from these experiences.. All the best boys and keep your heads up.!!

  10. Should play with primary 6 student sure win ..

  11. What do u expect from the little support from the government? Talk about great ambitions to qualify for world cup in future, our football is going downhill. Look at Vietnam and Laos who were once whipping boys, now is the other way round. Certainly it is a SHAME!

  12. aiya play what football, go and do GRAB la…….. football leave it to foreigners ….

  13. Don't curse the darkness, get off your backsides and light a candle

  14. In some countries their local players already started out their football progression as young as 7 years old with full support financially and in studies scholarships once selected into division. And only thru multiple shortlisting and after several match games to produce the best of the best. Likely out of a 1000 only best 10 players selected & form into Divisional teams and Reserves. They also have good incentives to promote the game healthly and not use it as a betting tool.

  15. FAS really a lot of JLB execs sitting in their cushy offices waiting to collect pay only.

  16. Again, the Young Lion has proven their ability to exit the group stage for the 4th consecutive Games. Can start to confirm flight back to Changi on 14 May

  17. Ben Davis got cured by the ref! Once he blew for penalty, Ben sprung up immediately

  18. Very painful. There's some improvement in the style of football and credit to the boys' for their effort, but the problems with SG football are deep-rooted and will take a few generations to fix IF we start now.

  19. Heads up boys. Still got time to raya once you’re back!

  20. What an embarrassment! Especially after that celebration after draw with Laos!

  21. The lions may lost 5 nails to the siamese felt already very disappointing but the ball is round n unpredictable n the last two remaining games must win n never give up easily fight all the way maybe got a slim chance to qualified for the semi final.💚💛💜👌✋👆👍👍👍.

  22. Simple just dont wasting time n money sending dis bunch of fools overseas training n so on. Just scrap FAS. I dont even know de players name. Luckily Irfan bhind got Fandi if not I oso dont know him.


  24. satu stadium nk Thailand kalah ke..mcm sokong Singapura je 😂😂😂.. Mcm Malaysia Va Thailand haritu

  25. I think The Singapore coach and the coaching team are too soft. Singapore need to get a coach who can teach this young lions to be more discipline and passionate about football. Every mistake they make must f them. That's how you learn.

  26. Ben Davis proving what Joseph Schooling knew – to be successful, you cannot learn and grow in Singapore.

  27. Singapore football started to decline from 1980 onwards. That is a fact. From the mid to the late 70's that was the golden era of Singapore football with stylish dribblers like Mohamad Noh, speed king diving header specialist Quah Kim Song, galek dribber Dollar Kassim, dribbers Quah Kim Lye, reliable centreback Samad Alapitchay, seasoned goalkeeper Eric Paine, etc. Their football was always a thrill to watch. Plenty of ball control and dribbling skills, good team work, etc. Today, just a bunch of school kids running around and chasing balls.

  28. Singapore soccer can’t make it. Manage your expectations singaporeans. Will not even beat a Thai province team. Just saying…

  29. Nice revenge Ben Davis .. that's call clever football ! Sgp can coming home soon .

  30. The Singapore team's goalkeeper was disadvantage in his height. Even when he jumped up, he hardly get the ball. The rest of the team no confidence.

  31. All the goalkeepers in Singapore is short and stout

  32. Negara kaya 🇸🇬 vs 🇹🇭 negara miskin

  33. It's a shame for you to cut the highlights like this. I agree both should have been awarded a penalty but please don't try this hard to hallucinate your own fans like this. It could be more than 5 goals tbh and you cut the highlight so cheap

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