The 10 BEST games of WEEK 1 of the 2021 College Football Season -

The 10 BEST games of WEEK 1 of the 2021 College Football Season

Harris Highlights
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There are a lot of great college football matchups in 2021, and there are some fantastic ones in the first week. These are the 10 best games to look forward to for the first week of the season.

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  1. I think Pitt-Tennessee will be a good one


  3. who do you think is going to win Georgia Vs Clemson

  4. The last time LSU played Oregon was 10 years ago… 2011 was a decade ago😅. I still remember that year like it was yesterday

  5. So both Clemson, and Alabama kicked ND asses last year then after that embarrassment playoff they had  they left the ACC AND WENT BACK INDEPENDENT 🤔  gose to show you they never deserved to be even considered for the championship let alone playoffs.   And this up coming season will be no different lol ND Is a weak team who plays weak teams.I don't know why thier in it every year cuz it's boring with the same result Every year.

  6. Harris Highlights, you could do a personal favor for me. My favorite team is winless in your A Game To Remember series. if you would please change that for me, and create one for the 2011 Michigan vs Notre Dame game and give Michigan a much needed win somewhere. we're down bad over here in AA. much love, brother!

  7. Even if King plays, Alabama will stomp Miami.

  8. Video: your prediction for the college football prediction!!

  9. Please do a rise and fall of Minnesota football video

  10. Tired of hearing about Boise State. They’ve made a living off a truck play from nearly 20 years ago. I wish they’d go ahead and schedule some real games against some real teams instead of relying on the Cinderella bs. UCF is probably more the real deal. But neither really “belongs” in the hype of the NC.

  11. Notre Dame: The most overhyped team in history. They had zero place in the National Semis last year. They were an embarrassment. Oklahoma would’ve been a much better choice. ND is trying to live off their success in the pre WW2 era. And they have been.

  12. Texas will be the same old Texas: donors willing to dump a coach with 3 high dollar years left under contract for one goal: beat OU twice in a row. Has to be the most thankless job in CF.

  13. Noles will stomp Norte Damn “ IF “ Adam Fuller can do anything halfway better than he did last year on Defense !

  14. Georgia vs clemson is the one im most excited for plus Notre dame vs Florida state doesnt sound exciting because Florida state is a team that doesn't get many wins these days

  15. Ready for the college football season to start

  16. I’m looking forward to week 3 Indiana be Cinncy

  17. That Clemson vs Georgia game is going to be GREAT

  18. UNC lost a lot of key players. They may have talented players coming in but they're young and it's the first game.

  19. I hope LSU and UCLA is interesting! This will be the first time EVER these two teams play eachother.
    I feel like SEC vs Pac12 are always some of the best matchups.

  20. Miami beating Alabama. Easy work

  21. Honestly, I'm looking forward to the neutral site game between UAB and Jacksonville State on Sept 1 in Montgomery

  22. Quit assuming Alabama is gonna destroy Miami, it’s ridiculous

  23. Clemson vs Georgia is the the only top 5 matchup.

  24. Georgia isn't traveling to Clemson. They're playing at a neutral site in Charlotte, NC (Bank of America Stadium)

  25. Baylor at Texas State is a game I’d like to go to, presuming Norwegian Air EVER fly from London to Austin again..

  26. I'm looking forward to Oklahoma and Nebraska on week 4? I think? Either way, it's bringing back Nostalgia for the old rivalry between the two. Even though I'm pretty sure Oklahoma is going to smash em.

  27. Bruh whyd you put Miami and Alabama on this Miami is gonna get destroyed 😂 and ripped apart haha

  28. I'm a Bama fan but Georgia and Clemson will be the best game. Both teams hate each other and they play hard.

  29. When Steve Sarkisian gets drunk, he sues the athletic department. Watch.

  30. I’m hyped for Alabama vs Miami definitely watching that one if it’s on my tv I hope it is

  31. In the description, put links to the time in the video to each of the 10 games and my son and I I'll give ya two likes 🙂

    1. Boise / UCF … I won't watch this for two reasons a) I'll be busy watching other games and b) I find it offensive when undefeated teams get ranked without having beaten a Top 20 team. It may be a fun competitive game but beating other Group of 5 and lesser teams doesn't warrant a Top 25 ranking. Ranking a team No. 7 when their best win id over a No. 23 team is farcical. Stat rankings against that level of competition are meaningless.ESPN gives UCF a 82% chance to win, I'll be flippin back and forth between Ohio State and Tennessee to see how good one is and how bad the other is 🙂

    2. NC was ranked 13 at years end and around 17 in most pre-season polls. Virginia Tech at 57. I've been high on North Carolina the last 3 years but don't think it will be a competitive game but best option on Friday. NC has a good shot at a year end Top 10 ranking if they don't continue to gift undefeated teams with no wins of significance. However w/ VT @ Home , NC was only given a 54% chance of winning by ESPN

    3. I will be watching Penn State (No. 57) / Wisconsin (No. 34) at 12:00 as it's the best game in the time slot but the it's a better matchup in years past. Despite the ranking discrepancy, ESPN gives Wisconsin a 54 % chance of winning. I don't see either breaking into the Top 20. I'll probably watch Oklahoma … yeah it won't be a good game but it will gimme a shot to asses the team and it's how I'll spend this this time slot

    4. Yes I will be watching Alabama vs Miami as I'm dying to see how well the young QB manages the game. It' hard to criticize Saban but my mindset if he shuda got more playing time last year. But with a good bunch of players staying outta the draft to win No. 7, he wasn't tempted to risk much I think. I will be popping over to Texas vs Louisiana at half time and popping back and forth. At 82% favored to win by ESPN, I think that's high with a inexperienced QB … I dunno if they can gel enough to win convincingly.

    5. No interest in Indiana (No. 11 last year … 16 in preseason) / Iowa (15 last year … 14 Preseason) and would enjoy watching this game but this time slot is taken … will be watching the ticker and looking in on commercials perhaps. ESPN gives Iowa a 61% chance to win this game.

    6. Louisiana Texas – Texas was ranked No. 20 at years end and 20 last year; Louisiana finished last year at 19 and is 15 in the preseason poll. Texas has the Home field advantage but ESPN gives Texas a 90% chance to win … I'll be looking at laying money on that one.

    7. UCLA and LSU – Ill be channel surfing thru this time slot …Clemson vs Georgia is the obvious attraction so won't give this game a lot of looks. LSU lost 5 games last year finishing out of the rankings but 5 loses to 5 SEC teams means that beat many ranked team outside the conference … would have liked then play Cincy or Coastal. LSU starts the season at No. 55 and I think that's way off ,,, seen some polls with them in the top 25, but that's hard to put faith in at least until they get thru a few games. UCLA is at 45 UCLAs 4 losses last year look worse than LSUs 4 so I'd normally lean LSU for this one but UCLA is at home so It makes it a bit iffy for me. ESPN says LSU has a 65% chance to win this game, and I think that's high …. If ya make me pick one, I'm pickin the SEC team

    8. Florida State and Notre Dame are 2 programs that haven't lived up to the reps in recent years, I never though Notre Dame would make the CFP and and a light ACC schedule helped that.. Florida State finished unranked in 2020. For 2021, ND is again Ranked at No.4 but I don't see them as a Top 10 team. Ya can see this is the best game of the day because it's the only game of the day but with Florida State at No. 96 I don't see myself watching this game. ESPN says ND has a 72% chance of winning this game and I think that's low

    9. Louisville and Ole Miss … nothing exciting here w/ Ole Miss at 50 in the preseason and Louisville at 77. Ole Miss gets a 63% nod by ESPN to win this one. Lane Kiffin might not be a pleasant or loyal man but he is a good football coach so I may be tempted and may watch it unless any Alabama Alumni in the NFL are playing that night

    10. Clemson – Georgia as i said above will be the one to watch over UCLA / LSU. Rare to see a Clemson team in recent years take on an SEC team in week 1 … but the Clemson vs Texas A&M games have been competitive with Clemson get a no TD call that videotape showed was a touchdown. It's last year's 4 and 7 vs this years 3 and 7. Clemson is favored by 4 on nuetral site

  32. Yo if Clemson didn’t play at least 1 good non conference team they would eventually not get in the playoffs due to there shitty conference also N.D is scared of the BIG Ten would make since for both N.D and the big as they could easily be the 2 best team every season and potentially be Ohio State new conference rival we need one mich is nothing now they cancel the big game now

  33. Week 1 I need Ole Miss, LSU and Notre Dame. Parlay lets go!

  34. LSU fans knows how to travel well so it will be baton Rouge west in Pasadena

  35. My Xfinity cable system's listing of Week 1 college football games shows all these games as being cancelled.
    I hit the panic button when I saw that, then I found out ESPN didn't mention there would be a 'cancellation' of college football games.
    It appears to be an Xfinity glitch.

  36. FSU seems to have changed their uniform colors and the uniforms are ugly ! Go back to the old ones and maybe you’ll win a game or two ?

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