The BEST College Football Games of 2022 | Georgia, Ohio State, Tennessee, Florida State -

The BEST College Football Games of 2022 | Georgia, Ohio State, Tennessee, Florida State

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  1. Florida vs Florida State the day after thanksgiving was a great game

  2. Tennessee vs Alabama was the best!!!!! Go VOLS

  3. Alabama @ Tennessee was amazing for a regular matchup

  4. We don't talk about that first LSU-FSU game. Hopefully, my Tigers get their revenge next season.

  5. Alabama @ Tennessee all time classic best of 2022

  6. thank you for the tennessee love. GBO!!!!!

  7. Tennessee whooping that Elephant tail!! That was the best game.

  8. The Tennessee Vs Alabama game was GREAT! Btw GO VOLS!!

  9. All y'all folks know that the Tennessee Alabama game was by far the best game of the season.

  10. Tennessee beating Alabama was the best game of the season outright 💯! GB🍊

  11. Tennessee wasn't even a good bowl game it wasn't in close

  12. 1. Tenn vs Bama 🥇
    2. Ohio State vs Georgia
    3. Tulane vs USC (Underrated AF)
    4. TCU vs Michigan
    5. Bama vs LSU

    Honorable Mention: UNC vs Oregon – Fantastic Game if you haven't seen it, check it out.

  13. South Carolina 31 Clemson 30 ending Clemson's long home winning streak
    Vegas gave South Carolina an 11% chance of winning( for the 2nd (both top 5 opp.) week in a row[S.Car-63 Tenn.-38] ….chances of hitting 2 11% chances in a row .012%
    Of winning in a row

  14. Tennessee vs Alabama hands down…Bro that game was watched by 11.5 million

  15. I'll do a little different type of list.
    Best games I watched per conference (to include the Power 5 + AAC).
    AAC: East Carolina at Cincinnati
    Big Ten: Penn State at Purdue
    SEC: Alabama at Tennessee
    PAC-12: USC at Utah
    Big 12: TCU vs Kansas State (championship game)
    ACC: [2 rivalry games] South Carolina at Clemson and NC State at UNC

  16. Tennessee vs Alabama is the only correct answer

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