The Best Football Game Ever Made... -

The Best Football Game Ever Made…

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Yes, I played Roblox football fusion. No, I have no regrets. Yes, I am clinically addicted. No, I won’t stop playing. Yes, I know I have a problem.

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wow, you stud – thanks for clicking this video. quite simply, i cant help but notice how handsome you look right now – great job sport. keep up the nice work!

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  1. When he said “omg your so homeless it made me laugh like a shotgun

  2. what is the name of the game

  3. i love this game too, im also addicted

  4. Carlos Hernandez is a character in the Netflix show MR.Iglesias

  5. “Just to the the ball to fortnitebois uhhhh

  6. It’s so funny seeing how much he rages at that game even though I’m good at it

  7. Add me I’m good at football fusion my user is ynrDANGLE

  8. Bro they no fun league hit this game with a dmca, but they're saying they'll bring it back

  9. who is ready for football fusion to be updated


  11. The fact that he got banned for being JohnnyXSins69 cracks me up

  12. Bro this is what i imagine every kid playing football fusion sounds like

  13. if u ply with me and my friend in football fusion i dime and we are a 65+ ovr

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