The most BRUTAL match in English Football History | LEEDS UNITED vs CHELSEA - The Rivalry -

The most BRUTAL match in English Football History | LEEDS UNITED vs CHELSEA – The Rivalry

LUFC Lewis
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The story of 1970’s FA Cup final between Leeds United and Chelsea, dubbed “The most brutal game in English football history”

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  1. I remember it well ,even as a northerner ( man city fan) I wanted football ( chelsea) to win.

  2. Both Leeds and Chelsea lived by the sword at times.

  3. Most BRUTAL football match 😂😂 whats next? Most BRUTAL girl scout meetings ahahaha

  4. Hi John. I've been a Chelsea fan since i was 10 in 1967, (losing to Tottenham 2-1 in the cup final). Beating Leeds at the time was the happiest day in my life. Loved every single one of you. Ian Hutchinson was my hero, ( with no disrespect to anyone else). You were /are all HEROES in my eyes. What a club we are. Special thanks to Mr A. (the boss). Massive force in world football. Once again John, thank you, not forgetting Dave Sexton.

  5. Billy Bremmner, Leeds captain, was raised in the Raploch, Stirling, and went to the same school as I , though I was a bit younger. Billy went to Leeds as a youth, and I never met him. However, his father had a pitch for selling newspapers for may years at the County Buildngs, Stirling, and I regularly helped him on a Saturday evening. ….I used to beg him to ask Billy to come home to Scotland and play for Celtic! Later however, Celtic played Leeds in a two leggged semi final European Cup semi final (1970/1???) Celtic won but lost to Feyenoord in the Final.

  6. Great entertainment. Football match and MMA contest in one 👍

  7. Leeds tried on Sunderland 1973 , Sunderland out played them,Dirty Leeds,

  8. Can you imagine Ronaldo playing in that match. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking of it!

  9. My mum said Billy was an actor! She did like him though, I was 4 in 1970 so not much recollection, my brother was 8yrs old and is still a big peacock fan , even had the Leeds numbers that held your socks up , number 4 I remember, they did look good 😆

  10. As a Chelsea fan I cannot WAIT for Chelsea Leeds with fans back in the stadium. Despise you bastards but it's great having you in the prem

  11. Leeds were far superior over the two games . Webb didnt score the winner , it was actually pit in by Eddie Gray.

  12. Ok,, When does the brutality start ? ,,,,,,, i saw some retaliation and meaty tackling. Clickbait seems to work tho

  13. How would Ronaldo and Messi have coped??!!

  14. No play acting in those days. No rolling around as if they'd been shot. They just got up and got on with it. I bet if you asked the players they'd say it wasn't that bad. That's how the game was played then. It made for a much better spectacle. Not like the sanitized
    crap we watch today

  15. "A great game at Wembley , A great game here". I totally agree. Eddie Gray ran rings round David Webb in the first game, but David Webb had the last laugh.

  16. the chelsea players were shown tapes of how dirty Leeds had been all season and one of Revie saying about another team that they were weak so go out there and just bully them and hack them down,,,,,,,,,, so they went out and showed them what men really are, Leeds have never ever had skillful players, they will never win anything again, look at them now, relegation is the only thing they will achieve lmao lmao lmoa lmao

  17. I remember well watching the final at Wembley and the replay on TV. They were two very good teams, it was a shame that the Wembley final had to be played on a beach, the usual bowling green Wembley turf had had a horse show held on it the previous week and the pitch was cut up very badly by the horses so it was covered in sand. That exercise was never repeated again. The days when the English top teams were full of British players, not an foreigner is site. The throw-in by Ian Hutchinson that led to Chelsea's second and winning goal, was huge.

  18. Brewer was a little shit. Could dish it out but couldn't take it

  19. Naughty but thrilling to watch all the same.

  20. What always first strikes me watching old games from the 70s is how absolutely terrible the pitches were – and don't forget this was Wembley! Skilful players like Bestie, Rodney Marsh etc deserve even more credit for doing what they did on those sort of surfaces. I wonder how Messi would have fared back then on a cold winter's night at the Baseball ground (Derby) whilst being kicked up in the air every five minutes!?

  21. Deffo not the most brutal match. Lots back then were harder than this. It was tough, and just stood out as it was the FA Cup Final, which actually meant a lot back then.

  22. If you think this was bad, check out the infamous 'Battle Of Santiago' Italy v Chile in the 1962 World Cup

  23. And they said Chelsea don't have history ffs

  24. They said Chelsea don't have supporters back then! What are those on the background? 🤔

  25. I remember this as a child – in the modern era only the goalkeepers be left on the pitch

  26. Leeds got what they deserved. Dirty horrible team. From a manc red.

  27. As a young lad I watched this on TV and remember it well. Sooo long ago now it seems and now I'm old.

  28. The days when the ball hit the back of the net and you could celebrate instead of waiting for a VAR decision.

  29. Ah, the days of 'Chopper' Harris, 'Norman Bites Yer Legs' Hunter and LFC hard-man Tommy Smith. Proper footie back then.

  30. Bunch of lightweights rolling around in the mud.

  31. Even a manchester united fan, I really admire this video. 2 sets of players getting stuck in as men. When we played on the green when I was a kid, this is what it was like. One set of lads from newbarns and one set from town. Great stuff. We need more men in football again. Every team now has divers. Especially our lot. Sick of it. Get stuck in and give everything for the lads on your team.

  32. When real men played football, not like the nancy boys that play today.

  33. normal sat afternoon game for us in the day – what was the problem???

  34. Very bias, I remember that Leeds tried to kick Chelsea off the pitch in the first game, so Chelsea decided to give a bit back in the replay.

  35. Imagine the overpaid Nancy boy footballers of today coming up against this lot…….

  36. Watch the full documentary:, for anyone wondering, there was 1 yellow card and no red cards. After a review in 1997, it surfaced that there should’ve been 6 red cards and 20 yellow cards at the very least.

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