The Roblox World Cup Experience -

The Roblox World Cup Experience

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I play Roblox World Cup Games, playing Soccer in Roblox. I score goals, winning the world cup. I play Roblox Street Soccer, Super Striker League, and Touch Football. I experience many funny moments and memes with other people.

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  1. Argentina already won Ik that its before the game

  2. argentina won. poor mbappe supporter you make great vids though we won, the baguet not pro enough to win

  3. Bro man think the World Cup is a small event man probably doesn't even know how big it is millions of people are watching it bro

  4. There's No Fucking Way This Kid Actually Thought That The Wc is A Small Event Bro It's Literally The Biggest Event In The World


  6. only sebee can spam SEBEE IS THE BEST and sebee only can LIKE too
    👇 👇

  7. Spanish: Futbol
    Portuguese: Futebol
    British: Football

    America: S O C C E R

  8. Sebee world cup legend!! Thats my favourite game… After 1 year a famous youtuber finally plays it i cant believe it hit over 9k plays at one time i complete my mission its famous game now

  9. Didn't expect sebee to have so much ball knowledge

  10. the M BOP, GREASE MAN and G RUDE made me CRACK up

  11. Argentina won! Les goooooo take the L french

  12. menino ney! hello i am a brazilian and i love soccer

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