The Rules of American Football - EXPLAINED! (NFL) -

The Rules of American Football – EXPLAINED! (NFL)

Ninh Ly
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Ninh explains the Rules of NFL American Football. A beginner’s explanation of American Football Rules.
Watch this short video tutorial guide on how to play NFL Gridiron Football by National Football League, NCAA and International rules.
Learn about touchdowns, interceptions, fumbles, penalties, offense, defense, downs, fouls and more!

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Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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  1. This video helped really much i watched american football and understand most of it but the cb rb and all ''backs'' i didnt understand expect qb

  2. American Football is probably the only sport i knew absolutely nothing about until watching this video. Ive had the pleasure of watching the Miami Dolphins play in Florida and had no clue what was going on. The sport is so technical and It feels like stepping into a new world.

  3. Thank you, I was a basketball player, but my friends recommend football and I know little things about it.

  4. Great video. I now know less about a sport i will never play

  5. Yeah from Darryl Drivs Rivers and yeah do you understand the gridiron NFL Game or are you not. Understanding the rules. Given.

  6. Dude we nearly don't have any fanbase of American Football here in India.
    I have an interview tomorrow for a sports analyst position and I have to study American Football for the interview.

    Previously all I knew is that its a physical game that has a oval shaped ball that needs to cross a line to score.
    watched multiple videos for the explanation

    And I'm not exaggerating when I say this was the one video I wanted.
    Explained everything I need and in a short time as well. Amazing job thanks a lot

  7. I havent played football in years and im goint to start playing this fall thanks for the explanation

  8. I tried to watch a nfl match once. I don't like football too much, but nfl took the cake for the worst sports i have ever watched.
    How can people watch 2 hours of commersials and 30 mins of actual play

  9. Me as an Aussie (NRL fan) watching this still having no clue what this guy is explaining

  10. I’m on the dance team/ cheer team and I need to start understanding how football works lol

  11. only watching this cause the guy im supposed to go on a date w plays football and i know nothing abt it ☠

  12. No that’s with the seller because he’s responsible high school ball to the quarterback quarterback is the second in the sandwich first sandwich first

  13. Wanna know rules between wide receivers and cornerbacks. What makes them pushing each other right after the snap begins?

  14. Jesus christ this is the most retarded game ever

  15. Thanks. Really helpful content. Football might be my new favourite sport

  16. Thank you so much 🫡🙌🙌🙌

  17. im 21 years old and ive gone my whole life never understanding football in the slightest even tho i kinda grew up watching it bc my parents loved it. i think i even went to a couple games when i was a kid and i still never had any idea what was going on. im still a bit confused honestly but i feel a lot more knowledgeable now than i did before i watched this vid::) thank you and awesome work

  18. This was sooo helpful thank you sooo much!

  19. The best rule video I’ve ever found
    Thank you

  20. I have one question, why they don't pass the ball to their teammates? I mean quarterback throws ball to one guy and he keeps running until he gets tackled. Wouldn't be easier to get to touchdown zone, if they pass the ball to each other like in actual football?

  21. Damn the game is the rocket science😂We all know the real football how its played

  22. Got into NFL last season and I've learned a lot about the sport

  23. This is a very useful video but where does Yoshimitsu fit in?

  24. This is truly "American football, as explained by a Brit" lmao. Was shopping for a good vid to show my nephew but so much here is either omitted, knowledge assumed, or flat out wrong.

  25. I’m American and I still don’t get it 😂 I’m gonna have to watch this over and over. 😐

  26. Watching this just so I can understand wtf is happening in Friday night lights I'm on ep8 and English lol

  27. all my life i was thinking american football is just rugby

  28. You carry the ball in hand and you call it football

  29. I like that the coach can dispute the refs call. They should have that in rugby

  30. Very good explanation and It’s ok as a sport but it’s not for me. I prefer to watch Football ⚽️ i also prefer baseball. It is big over in the US tho obviously, this is like their favorite sport i think.

  31. As an American, I can finally understand this boring fucking sport.

  32. Someone who’s autistic and Australian I still find this confusing as fuck and as someone religiously loved AFL the season is almost over and need another sport to watch while I wait 5-6 boring months of nothing March 2023

  33. I’m from Australia and still learning the game what happens when a wide receiver gets tackled is it a new 4 downs or a turnover

  34. Well done. I would next dive into the differences between the positions.

  35. More aware now of the NFL rules. Thank U🤙

  36. As a American he did a better job at explaining everything then me and I play American football

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