These kids are catching the attention of football recruiters even before high school -

These kids are catching the attention of football recruiters even before high school

ABC News
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College football programs are already meeting with young football players, like 11-year-old Bunchie Young.


  1. I'm gonna start playing football sophomore year and just seeing this just scares me lmao

  2. I think kids can have talent but to talk about “future D1” or even pro at 10 years old???? Get the f*** outta here with that chunk. The parents trying to make up distance for something they missed in there life. Let them be kids first before sticking your hands into there head.

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  4. We all know that's the kid in the superbowl game bunchy

  5. I wonder how he’s doing now
    He should be around 14-15 years old now in 2021

  6. Bunchie was in the super bowl Commercial 2020 And when you made this you didn’t even know it would happen

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  8. Love what you are doing… you are teaching them more than football… Let's get together Mike!

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  10. But he didn't stop the score…way to go dad.. today he hates you net that

  11. Bunchie Young looks like that kid in that NFL Super Bowl commercial.

  12. I youth football does not get attention of even highschool coaches never mind youth , most kids who dominated in youth are average in highschool

  13. Yeah but if he doesn’t grow and stays small all that will be for nothing

  14. Bro this kid just got lucky there are hundreds of kids like this in America he just got seen

  15. I wish recruits would look at smaller towns I’m very fast I play for myfl Midwest and they barely look at tiny towns

  16. I wish I can go play football. My dad said I would be very good at saftey because i'm pretty good at catching and good at staying close to the reciever.

  17. I’d rather my kid play soccer, you can make more, it’s safer, and play longer.

  18. The key is, if your going to put someone down for messing up, you need to lift them back up, when they do something right.

  19. ez moss this kid im 14 hes like 14 by now this was in 2018

  20. Honestly, I’m not hating on bunchee, but why is he so famous? Because he scores touchdowns? People on my team score and are really fast, and they aren’t famous

  21. lol these recruiters think they can see 20 years in future. hmm yea ok

  22. The kid is too cocky.. if the kids he plays are to slow then he’s not challenging himself just gunna grow and realize that there are faster better players

  23. when i go on the the field for a 8u game i throw for 200 yards in a game

  24. how about broadcasting more prime news on African American kids applying their desire to the max in other areas of endeavor as science Sociology mathematics engineering architecture business Economics Astro-Physics space science Government writing physics Law etc. and not just and only to the stereotypical sport arena of entertainment where the African American has been herded into like cattle and is expected to be and perhaps is the only comfort zone of the powers that be?

  25. Big up top for u my brother for giving tham of the world love thanks to you an yr family jah who love we say

  26. In the beginning you make him sound like he’s God he’s fast but he’s not everything

  27. I get it but yall fr? i know so many 4.0gpa 4-5 star players that dont get noticed, and here yall at lookin at kids? this better not be the case cuz they already making money and we tryna get that money

  28. This is awesome they are working towards their future I appreciate my son coaches for putting in the work with my son

  29. "…opening these kid's minds that there is more to life than the communities we come from."

    That is straight up TRUTH. Great job Coach. Please keep telling the players sports is only one avenue to better things in life. An education or learning a Trade is another way and can be accomplished with or without a scholarship.

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