They Added The ALABAMA FOOTBALL TEAM into the Game! Madden 22 -

They Added The ALABAMA FOOTBALL TEAM into the Game! Madden 22

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EA added the ALL TIME Alabama College Team Into the game! w/ Derrick Henry, Julio Jones, Mac Jones, and more!


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  1. I went to Nebraska for a trip and half the population is mule deer

  2. How many Bama fans actually live in Alabama I do personally

  3. They need to add Georgia and kansas universality

  4. How do u have Mac Jones but no tua ???? But Joe Namath like no Greg mccleroy Like bro come on that sucks 😔 an where is naji Harris Josh Jacobs an Marc Ingram ?? Waddle jeudy Ruggs…. An most importantly TYRONE PROTHRO LIKE HOW DO U HAVE ALL TIME WIDE OUTS WITOUT HIM THIS MAN WAS ALL WE HAS FROM LIKE 2005 TILL ABOUT 2008 LIKE ARE YALL DRUNK MADDEN

  5. Aj should be one of the qb options. Dude was awesome At bama

  6. I’d love to see you play as LSU I’d hope they have some players from the 2019 season

  7. moose in nebraska cmon Kay smh, gotta be smarter then that lmao

  8. You do realize Georgia beat Alabama, Alabama ass lmao shit on

  9. The rosters suck , there’s a lot of players missing and a lot that have X factors that should ..: why tf Trevon got a X factor ?

  10. So ea puts mac on alabama but not tua 🤔

  11. It’s really boring when u run a meta dominant defense every play, takes 0 skill.

  12. My mom is very good friends with Donta Hightower but I didn’t know he went to Alabama

  13. Kay can you give me a shout out for my grandma she died

  14. Guess what team I like

    They were first round exits

  15. You should do one with Miami. They have a lot of legends

  16. as a nebraskan I can say actually nobody lives in Wyoming, huskers are the best, there are no moose, and the east side sucks

  17. Kay dont worry, im right with you for the play offs broncos didnt make it either😂😂


  19. if u play Nebraska in ssko college its something wrong with you

  20. Kay Idea use all the back ups in campus legends

  21. they shouldve added georgia bulldogs cus alabama just lost to georgia

  22. "You're alive, you're chilling, breathing, life's good" Kay 2022

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