This 10-Year-Old is RICHER than you! #shorts -

This 10-Year-Old is RICHER than you! #shorts

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Baby Gronk is only 10-Years-Old and he’s an internet influencer sensation. He probably the most famous youth football player of all time. Baby Gronk is an internet football celebrity. College Football. CFB. Sports. Athlete. Sports News. Football. NFL. NFL Football. minecraft. fortnite. prime. money. gym. workout.


  1. All this just because he’s good at Little League football Little League!!!

  2. I ain't praying for his downfall but for the downfall of his dad who is exploiting his kid

  3. Bro he doesn’t even do it for football he just want girls

  4. Bro in the mext 6 years
    When he get into highschool he gonna get absolutely ran over
    If you think your the goat then you should be able to handle the smoke from anyone

  5. Kid saying look at all this cash
    You have cash now but what will cash give you that learning wont give
    What will cash give that experience wont give you
    Several years from now that cash will be useless
    Its best to learn a skill that will help you

  6. Sorry kid
    If you skip middle school and highschool
    Then you cant get into a college
    Womp womp

  7. White man rapping
    Bro thinks he the next Eminem

  8. Bro said I don’t need practice, but it was dropping when he was practicing dropping balls😂😂😂

  9. He actually payed 100s of thousands of dollars for colleges to give him gear and a photo shoot, he isn’t being looked at, this kid thinks that it is all about him, and no team wants that, so he’ll be unsuccessful, because it is all about him, and not teamwork

  10. He gonna make the street boys rich 😂😂😂😂 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

  11. The fact he's only ten and probably 10x more arrogant than most of the nfl roster is sad

  12. Poor kid is gonna be sad when they pull there offers

  13. Bro plz just stop hyping him up at this point it’s getting old no one cares about Livy Dunn or whatever the fuck he’s like 10 years old like chill out he ain’t even close to being pro and I guarantee his ass won’t even make it too the league

  14. Bro theres girl on my football
    Team that is stronger
    Than him ands shes 11 and hes 12

  15. Bro is tbh cringe. Just wait till he really gets into professional football.

  16. I wish you had a better dad because that’s the person that’s making this downfall

  17. Well let’s see I just saw him drop two passes. Yeah so you need to stay where you’re at.

  18. I hate baby gronk and I’m 13

    He is just some ass hole that is good at football

  19. this channel and the people in the comments hating are some of then biggest weirdos on the planet man. this is a child.

  20. So let him hang with an older woman? Chile 🥴. Adults doing this? Weird and pedophilic

  21. I’m calling baby groin out let’s run ok drill come to brizzy Australia

  22. My buddies kid lit baby g up all day during a game. That kid is not going to be big enough, look at his dad.

  23. Did he really just say he’s too good for middle school and high school football high school football in college football will destroy you before you even make it to the NFL

  24. People who could destroy Baby Gronk in a 1v1

  25. I’m coming for you baby gronk I’m in your walls

  26. Too much drip for the ladies in right now just move up

  27. Bro is hanging out with girls twice is age

  28. Baby gronk can only benchpress 90 pounds and I can bench press 120

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