This football game is one of a kind -

This football game is one of a kind

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In today’s video we play ESPN’s video game NFL 2K5 for the first time. We play the first person football mode, which is similar to VR football game. Then we do a fantasy draft. And play with our new team which features some old school rookies you might recognize! Let’s have some fun!

Edited by NitroDrive:

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Sponsor
2:19 – First person football/VR
9:20 – Franchise mode & Fantasy Draft
13:45 – Gameplay
20:00 – Thanks for watching!



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  1. It’s so nice seeing a football game that is physics-based and not animation-based.

  2. I have faith in your creativity to make a great series out of a franchise here. You inspire more entertaining ways to play these games too. Well done my man!

  3. Definitely need a franchise series on this game man!

  4. I loved this game as a kid! My first football game!!

  5. This game is so great. I still have this to this day

  6. You gotta do a franchise, it’s only right.

  7. This was my all time favorite when I was growing up. So many hours put in and I also loved the players you could unlock as well as the scenarios you could play.

    Please do a series!

  8. I played this game so much when it came out, I got in in 2005 and played it all the way until 2013 on the original XBOX, thanks for the nostalgia, those were good days.

  9. I miss this game!! Hands down the best football game ever made. NCAA in a close 2nd. 15 year old me is hiding a chub I'm getting from this nostalgia!!

  10. They need to make a VR version of this for the Quest. I would play for hours

  11. Bro how does this game have first-person and madden 22 doesn't

  12. The fact that this is more fun than madden 22 Smh

  13. I too wanna see u do an in depth franchise mode it looks fun I have not played this one yet it looks soo good

  14. If EA wants to make up for the stuff they've done in the past, they should license NFL 2K5 and then remaster it with modern graphics and an updated roster. They won't do it, but that would be awesome.

  15. REALLY hope you start a franchise or career mode on here!
    Thiswas my favorite football game growing up

  16. I remember one year I had 4 or 5 nfl games. Nfl fever, blitz, madden, 2k and I think one other. Man those were the days.

  17. No version of Madden has ever been better than NFL 2K5. I hope 2K will maje a new game in the future

  18. I loved this game! Until I raged quit and then broke the game disk in half after my friend whooped my monkey ass! lol

  19. What a great game……Unbelievable that we have nothing like this anymore

  20. This game creates player profiles based on the decisions you make while play. You can play against an ai that plays exactly like you. This game was so ahead of its time.

  21. My god, this dude makes me feel old when he describes some players as “tv personalities”😂

  22. Please make a series
    We got 24K and we need to see a series

  23. It's pretty much the same with old FIFA games. The atmosphere with gameplay is so much better than what we have now

  24. It actually makes me so mad that EA bought out their competition because they knew they were screwed.

  25. Half the price…twice the game. Easily better than any Maden game.

  26. I sold my copy of this game in mint condition for $32,000.

  27. Create a team on this game is great. Do a franchise with it plz.

  28. Bought it two weeks ago. I can confirm it, after some hours figuring out the gameplay I can definitely say that it's way better and funnier than that Madden thing

  29. What's the best football game ever made?

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