This Football Game is Rated "M" -

This Football Game is Rated “M”

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Since Madden 21 is a few months away, let’s play this football game that is rated M for mature

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Today, we play Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition, a newish (LOL) sports video game where you can die in the game lol. This football game is rated M for Mature. We are going to be playing games like this until Madden 21 comes out, so enjoy!

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  1. The Vikings fans: Didnt subscribe

    The bears fans: Subscribed

    The Steelers fans: didnt subscribe

    Jaguars fans: OH NO

  2. Bra.. this is one of my favorite series of games… do ya remember when they had a TV show???

  3. Wait 666k views hold up wait a minute something is not right

  4. This game would be better if it was just madden but u could pull out a gloc or some shit. This is two over the top for most football fans

  5. *iron jaw has been dominating *
    Doesn’t use him at the end until the last play

  6. This has more than enough likes by now to bring this series back!

  7. I thought blitz was the only rated m football game

  8. Me: watching the raycon promo
    Also me: wearing AirPods while watching

  9. i have this game on my switch and it is so fun

  10. Henry Ruggs would be a goat in this game

  11. Rat:axe the Jackson Villegas’s. Jugulars and the best team in the league RAYCON

  12. I had the chance of playing that game a while ago and this was the game that introduced me into football


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